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An employment website specializing in flexible schedule, part time or telecommuting jobs targetted toward Baby Boomers and Stay at Home Mothers/ Caregivers

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Families are returning to work by necessity and may of them are some of the 43 million Americans who are also caring for an adult family member or friend. Along with trying to climb the corporate ladder, these people are dealing with family... more

We all feel a need to take more control of our lives and try to fit more in terms of balancing our obligations to work and family. It's work-life balance and factoring in family needs that take precedence so we won't feel resentful for either of them.... more

Often employers mention that the best thing a job candidate can do, is to ask great questions. Preparing for those questions takes time though. Good questions show the employer that the candidate has put some thought and interest into... more

In today's segment we tackle the topic of "Scam Jobs in the Workplace". With jobs being scarce, con artists are out there in volume trying to rip you off. We discuss how to steer clear of the ads waving red flags. Work at Home Job Scams are... more

Employers have made it clear that even the most qualified candidates make very serious mistakes during interviews. Companies complain that even candidates who have been through thorough pre-screening and seem to be well-educated... more

Eleanor Roosevelt once said ?When you cease to make a contribution, you begin to die.? And that is how many people feel. So no matter what your age, background or experience, there are plenty of opportunities out there to learn,... more

Eldercare is not just a women's issue anymore. There are a growing number of men taking care of elderly and ailing parents, relatives and friends. The increase in the growing number of male caregivers can be attributed to the... more

Nearly 53% of employees in America today say that they are unsatisfied with their jobs. Only 15% of workers actually report that they are ?very satisfied with their work. So why are they not passionate about what they do and what can we do... more

A growing number of people age 50 and older don't look forward to retiring anymore. They don't want the seclusion of sitting at home, and they have the energy and vitality to continue to work for many more years than their parents... more

Workers and especially women workers, who lose their jobs in their fifties and sixties are finding it increasingly difficult to reactivate themselves again and continue their careers. Many of them are trying to enter the job market by need... more
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