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Where all of the best pro-wrestling talk happens..along with a whole bunch of other crap.

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Join Cash and Dave as we return to give all the details on our upcoming 2014 MF'er of the year tournament. It's gonna be a little different this year folks. The tournament itself will begin next Monday 3/3/14. So tune in and check us out.... more

We are back! And worse than ever.

Join Dave at 7:30 PM EST for a Saturday edition of the The Yankees Recall. The show will be packed with discussion of the current details of the A-Rod fiasco, Pettitte's injury and more.

Join and Adam and Dave as they broadcast live from the parking lot of Metlife Stadium right before Wrestlemania!

Join Damien, Dave and Special Guests! as we preview tomorrow's Wrestlemania 29 from Metlife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey!

Join Dave for the 1st Yankees Recall! We are going to talk all the latest and greatest in Yankeeland and we will also discuss Opening Day and more!

Join us at 8 PM EST as Cash, Cocaine Dream Newman and Dave talk oWa with 20 questions and more. #NOPREZ

Listen to Cash and Dave (and others) at 8PM EST for all the fake wrestling talk you can stand. And we promise we will hang up on Prez once he goes overboard with his ego driven drivel.

Join Damien and Dave at 7pm EST for our Royal Rumble preview show! #johncenawinstherumble

Join Cash and Dave as we talk oWa memories, storylines and more.