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Get a totally different and increasingly unrestrained perspective today! After you listen to Jay, you may begin to question a lot of assumptions... Jay is a very unique person and (hopes) he is not alone. He philosophizes weekly on a bewildering variety of subjects in a never-ending quest to find his fellow "alien" Xenos. Talk with an autistic home economist, a black-listed developmental specialist, and an overly-philosophical computer specialist, all living in one mind and obsessed with finding truth and meaning in an often shallow and hostile world. Join his maniacal wanderings!

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Jay Nemrow

The Radio Experiment Ends

  • by Jay Nemrow
I made the ultimate mistake here -- I missed my own show! Along with trying to have a topic that was just too long for the time alotted, I dozed off just before show time and didn't wake back up until my time slot was half gone. I... more
Jay Nemrow

More Jay

  • by Jay Nemrow
There are places to get more Jay, if you can tolerate what you are getting already. Check these out: Quasi-Indefatigable Xenolith - Jay's age-old website that is constantly in flux (just like me!) at http://quix.us The Life Autistic Podcast -... more

The first step in finding truth and meaning is to understand yourself and where you have a chance of "fitting in". We will talk about some insights from the the book "Soaring with Your Strengths" that can help "aliens" cope with life on Earth.
Jay Nemrow

A First Post - What is "Xenos" and "the Far Side of the Moon"?

  • by Jay Nemrow
It is exploration day for me, checking out all the features available here at BlogTalkRadio. I have kept a website for many years, but this is the first time I have done anything like a blog, at least on the web. Since I have it available... more

After nearly 800 episodes served up on my own server, I am ready to dive into a more networked and "out there" version that doesn't involve recording while driving! We will be talking about the concepts of Xenos, obsession, and how... more
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