falling in love with jesus

falling in love with jesus


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john 3-16 let us know for God so love the world that he send his only begotten son to die for mankind would you have done that or even i myself , for GOD

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Prayer,come join myself and warriors in the midnight cry,it is all about prayer. Acts 16;25...................tells us about what took place at midnight with Paul and Silas let us try by pressing our way to have results as Paul and Silas. Let us also look... more

It is time to get back to prayer ,help me to pray,teach me to pray Matt;6-9-13 Ps;63-1 let us look at luke 9-28-30 prayer join me please as i return back to my watch and post to pray God is going to do great and mighty things in this... more

Join me please tonight in prayer, It is a good thing to give thanks to God.Prayer Ps:69-1-20 God please be merciful to us Ps.67;1-7 let us look at Zephaniah chapter 1-18 but we are looking at verses 6,7,14,15

Join me tonight in a special Open Forum Prayer and Music,Gospels come and let us pray as well as share in each other prayers Psa.133. We will look at a few scriptures and discuss them along with songs and prayer.

Join me in early will I seek thee,it is all about Prayer,Pray until something happens Faith is the key to our door way to God answering our prayers Ps.63-1 Hebrews 11-1-6 Prayer Ps.55-16,17 are you feeling like the prophet Habakkuk a... more

It is time to Pray;join me in early will I seek Thee Ps.63-1 let us look at 1titus chp2-1-15 col;4-12,13 Matt;6-9-13 time to cry out. let us pray ,and let not our prayers be hindered 1Peter 3-7

join me in the midnight cry ,it is time where we have to do battle we must slay the jiants and how will we do that through prayer. Acts.16-16 to verse 25. Isaiah 33 God said to the Prophet Woe to thee that spoilest,what was not spoiled; i... more

It is good when Bretherns dwell together, it is discribed as the dew that fell down from Aarons beard to his skirt please see Ps.133 well Prayer is also great ,in my distress I,cried out to my God;and her heard me and deliver me in Jesus name.... more

Prayer,come join myself and prayer warriors in early will we seek thee. Ps.63-1 OH that thou will lift up Holy hands and praye to Our, Father that is in Heaven,we should hallowed his name Mat;6-9,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,13

Join us in the Midnight cry, Prayer it is what i am advocate prayer ; Jesus prayed at midnight when the bride groom came and it was ten [ virgins] five had oil in their lamps and five did not when the bridegroom came ,we have the our father... more