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We are a religious, Christian talk radio show. You can send in your prayer requests, share your testimonies, dreams, revelations and or bible questions. Your host Rev.Mark Sheppeard will be discussing current news and events. Topics include but are not limited to: The Book of Revelation, Mark of The Beast, New World Order, America, Bible Prophecy, and World Religions & Cults. We will be taking your calls and prayer requests during our live broadcasts. Also, featuring audio bible listening and Inspirational Music! The photo in our profile is archived in the Library of Congress. The link is:

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This is a Q & A on the gift of tongues.

This is an recording of a semi open forum of Q & A on the Book of Revelations. Many questions are answered in this sermon. For example, When does the tribulation start? before or after the sixth seal? Does the bride go through the... more

This sermon was delivered on April, 12 1963.

This is the sermon teaching by Rev. William Branham on the 7th seal. This is the commencement of the 2nd coming of the Lord. It seems between the sixth and seventh seal there are 7 vials and judgements. During this period there will be... more

This is the teaching on the sixth seal. When the seventh seal is loosed there is silence in heaven. During the commencement of this seal, we see the prophecies of Joel 2:28-31 being fulfilled. Recommended reading is Matt 24, I Thess 5, II... more

In the fifth seal, we see a correlation with the Book of Daniel regarding the prophecy of the increase of knowledge, technology and inventions . During the release of the fifth and sixth seal, the angel announced three major woes.... more

The third seal commences with the black horse rider being loosed. The third beast in Rev. 6:5-6 represents man-wisdom. This took place about 1500 A.D. The balances in the riders hand represents the Catholic church charging for... more

This is a continuation of the revelation of the seven seals. The second seal was loosed during the fourth church period (606-1520). The second beast (living creature), symbolizes the calf or ox meaning those saints (christians) who... more

This is teaching sermon on the first seal based on Rev. 6:1-12. The first seal was loosed during the third church dispensation period (312-606). The first beast (living creature) symbolizes the Lion, which means the original word. The first... more