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Consciousness beyond our physical boundaries. A show that discusses evidence and experiences which indicate we survive physical death. Topics include: near death experiences, psychic mediums, reincarnation, non-local consciousness, in-between-life states, out of body experiences, remote viewing and more.

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On today's show we'll be talking with Rosemary Bredeson, the Scientific Mystic. She is an intuitive medium who can communicate with those who have crossed over. We will be discussing how spirit talks through her.

Holly Riley has a gift for helping people heal. It was Holly who I asked to speak at my son's memorial service so that we could all start the healing process and look to love for answers. Holly also was the first person I went to talk to because... more

Join me for an amazing interview with Dr. Annette Childs. We will be talking about the evidence for the afterlife. She spent her career working in hospice and saw a lot of spiritual events happen. I have sat and talked with her and she has... more

Jennie had two experiences where she crossed over to the other side and was brought back. There has been some very interesting phenomena going on in her life since these occurences. Tune in to hear her story!

Dan Kimm is a comedian hypnotist. He had a near death experience as a child that seemed to open up his intuition and awareness of those who have crossed over. He revisited this experience during his hypnosis training. He will share his... more

After dying on the operating table at 19, Christine had a near death experience. It is an experience that continues to this day. It opened up a spiritual world to Christine where she has visitations and premonitions. After her experience she... more

Internationally known psychic medium. Vickie is a gifted medium who reunites families and friends with those who have crossed over. She has helped the FBI with missing persons and solved murder cases. She will discuss her... more

Scott is a clinical past life regression therapist who guides clients not only through past lives but to the in between life state where our souls live. Discover how this process helps you understand why you chose your current life.

Matthew Bayan is an author and a comedian. Years ago he had a near death experience that is quite different from many that you hear and during cardiac arrest he was resuscitated 72 times by his cardiologist. While having an out of... more

Douglas talks about his near-death experience and what he felt when he crossed over and how he was disappointed at first to return.
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