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Adult conversation about love, life, and issues that affect our generation with a comical twist.

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How far are you willing to go to keep a relationship happy? Are you willing to dumb yourself down to keep a person happy. Or are you willing to say I don't need that person and move on. On tonight's episode we will disuss this issue

You know they aren't the one for you but you hold on with everything that you got trying to make it work. But if you know...why even hold on? On tonights show we will dicuss why its so hard to let go.

Everyone has a past....some good...some bad. But can you trust your mate enough to tell them about you past. On this episode we will discuss this topic.

Children are used to mom & dad. Well what if it's "mom & mom" or "dad & dad." On this episode we will discuss raising kids in a same sex household.

Usually when you're dealing with someone on the side you tend to be a little more open and honest with them. With that being said can you make them the "home piece." We will discuss this topic on this episode.

You've been this person for a period of time. But how long is to long to be a "sex partner". When do you either commit or move on. On this episode will will discuss this topic.

It's the age old question. Can you turn a hoe into a house wife. Well, I have the answer to this question and if you wanna know. Tune in to tonight's show.

Ladies....have you ever wondered "What does he want from me." Well on tonight's episode you will find out.

Ok....you've caught your mate cheating. Do you really wanna know "the truth" or have you already came up with your own truth. On this episode we will discuss this topic,.

Women what a man that can take care of them. Women want a man who can handle the fact the they might make lore money than him. Women want a man that can last all night long. Women want a man that's not gonna be on top... more