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Stay in the know about new episodes and updates. is "top down wellness; the fusion of Mind-Body-Spirit. Discussing everything from Nutrition, Weight-loss, relationships, addiction (alcohol, drugs, food, tv, everything...) and how to get free of your mind. Start to sleep better, feel well--> start with ME time. Eric Morrison – Bio Eric is an understanding, patient man that has experienced a lot of different “lives” over the last 34 years. His own turbulent life journey has allowed him to become a very empathetic listener as well as being very intuitive about his client’s needs. Eric understands that exterior appearances are not always what they seem and seeks to provide a service for his clients that goes beyond handing out a cookie cutter “solution”. Currently, Eric focuses on wellness counseling for those that are searching to find a sense of balance in their everyday lives. He lives with his wonderful wife in the GTA. You can check him out anytime at The other stuff Nutritionist - works with everyone from top amateur bodybuilders to the diet conscious lay person Writer – Various fitness publications, including his blog Certified Personal Trainer – Can-fit pro (certified for over 12 years) Certified Bodytalk Access Technician – Non-invasive body energy systems balancing/stress relief ( Working on certification as a Certified Bodytalk Health Practitioner ( Budding amateur photographer - Check some of his stuff on his blog 3rd year going on 11th year Kinesiology at York University ;)

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FIRST - bear with me for the first few minutes. .still new at this and getting the equipment down pat. had some tech issues that had me cutting in and out for a bit:) THE SHOW--> What you think is actually what you get in terms of... more

first show. .sorry about the long silence as I waited for my first guest! Alvin Brown: osteopath, massage therapist and performance life coach discusses mental health and wellness starting with taking time for yourself.
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