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    Meeting April 10

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    We need to talk about our projects!

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    Madison Star Moon - Chemtrails Radio Rant

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    Madison Star Moon - Chemtrails Radio Rant

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    Sioux City South Dakota Bathtub Refinishing by Surface Magic
    Why is a South Texas Company Like EAH Industrial Spray Equipment  with three locations Talking to Karl Keene?
    Well he happens to be one of the best restoration experts I have ever met. 
    This is going to be a great Show. While most refinishers I know are great at this Job Karl Keenehas a laundry list of surfaces he restored.
    For Custom Refinihsing I simply don't know anyone can do the the things Karl Keen does using our products.
    Amazing is all I can say. Whether your a Professional Bathtub Tile and Counter Top Expert or a consumer wanting information. 
    Refinisher or Customer you will be doing yourself  a huge favor by listening to the most passionate voice of refinishing. 
    Karl Keene Surface Magic Sioux City South Dakota.
    P.S. Karl from me and everyone at EAH industrial Spray Equipment here in San Antonio Texas we thank you for your quality and rand especially your personal Friendship. We have known Karl for many years and he is only about quality.
    To Schedule a JOB with KARL in the South Dakota please do yourself a favor antd click here. This man is busy folks so  if you want to a refinisher who not only has the talent he has the passion. Listen to his voice. That is real. Karl visited my store many times and the voice is always the same.  

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    Eco- jam Discussion

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    Today we will be talking about ASCAP and BMI killing local music scenes with fees and intimidation. The show will feature local Colorado music by Dave Andersen, Donny Morales and The Last Bus. Call in and join the discussion.

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    Your Triple Bottom Line - with Dell's Bruno Sarda

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    Today's guest is Bruno Sarda from Dell!
    Check out the site www.your3bl.com and follow us on twitter @your3bl

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    The Beauty of Nature

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    I want to discuss how beautiful the outdoors can be. With all of this beuty around us, why don't people go outside anymore? People hardly go on hikes, or just admire the environment that God blessed us with. Why don't females enjoy the outdoors? Is it because we don't want to mess up our hair? So many reasons why...together we can figure it out!

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    HYDRAULIC FRACTURING - THE PRO'S AND CONS.IN THIS SHOW WE WILL TALK ABOUT ...1) WHAT IS HYDRAULIC FRACTURING? - According to Wikipedia; Hydraulic Fracturing (Known as HF), is the propagation of fractures in a rock layer by a pressurized fluid and began in 1947.2) WHAT DOES "HF" PROVIDE US? - Hydraulic Fracturing is used to increase or restore the rate at which fluids, such as petroleum, water, or natural gas can be produced from subterranean natural reservoirs.3) WHAT ARE THE PRO'S? - Hydraulic Fracturing will account for 70% of all future natural gas needs and has created jobs for over 600,000 in 2010 alone.4) WHAT ARE THE CON'S? - It has been said that Hydraulic Fracturing causes microseismic events, contaminates water, air quality issues, radioactive contamination, aquatic life problems, health issues and the list goes on and on and on.* Hydraulic Fracturing Group on Linkedin refuses to join usDATE: 2-15-2013 - FRIDAYSHOW TIME: 6:00 PM PST - 8:00 PM PSTSPECIAL GUEST: - Scott CannonCALL IN NUMBER: 1-(347) 539-5188SOUCES TO REVIEW:1) Watch movie GASLAND on Netflix2) Wikipedia's Indepth Description on "HF"3) Gas Drilling Awareness Coalition4) Black Water - Marcellus Shale RealityJoin us ...

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    DINE BIDZIIL: "One Mind, One Voice, One Prayer"

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    Where: Navajo Nation Museum, Window Rock, Arizona When: SATURDAY JAN. 19/2013 - 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Why: To bring our Diné together for UNITY, PEACE, and CHANGE.
    Topics: Presentation/Panel discussions: 1. April 19/20, 2013 1000 FAMILY HOZHO WALK/PRAYER day for UNITY, PEACE, and CHANGE. 2. MANIFESTO of important/critical issues facing our Diné to be presented April 20, 2013 for the Navajo President/Vice President and 2013 SPRING SESSION of the Navajo Nation Council. 3. Initiate and create an important document--"DINETAH PRINCIPLES of INDEPENDENCE"--to involve the all Diné for a new government. 4. Supporting the CONFLUENCE families against a "Tourist Attraction" and development at our GRAND CANYON SACRED SITE. 5. Uranium issues: Proposed new uranium mining ventures on Dinetah/ R.E.C.A. issues. 6. Young Generation Voices/Caucus/Presentation. 7. Uniting the various faiths of DINETAH into one family. DINE Traditionalist/Native American Church/Pow WoW/Sundance families/clans. 8. SACRED SITES/WATER RIGHTS/Veterans/Grazing/land issues/SAVE THE PEAKS.

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    Green Credit

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    Greetings and welcome edition of Going Differently with Sri Yanjyamasa and another segment of Green Credit. This segment will focus on Holiday debt and how we can help, if you have questions, concerns or want to listen in call 347-205-9477. Pure, Legal and Green way to heal damaged credit.