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    dr. kofi maalik speak on it

    in Spirituality

    a social and spiritual commentary

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    Sunday School on the Air

    in Spirituality

    Join Your Radio Minister, Elder R.D. Vance for this week's Sunday School lesson review.

    Topic: Love Within the Community
    Lesson Scripture:1 John 2:9-11, 15-17

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    Shapeshifting Your Life with Core Shamanism Regina Rivers

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    journeyAn interview with Regina Rivers, shamanic practitioner, relationship coach, "Ascension Energy" worker, actor, workshop leader and owner of Rivers Healing Arts, LLC in the Pittsburgh area. Tonight, Regina will focus on the shamanic area of her healing work and how core shamanic practices can personally empower you to live your life differently. Regina will talk about the process of journeying that takes you to the land between-the-worlds, where deep self-empowered healing work is accomplished. You will learn about the drum and its use in provoking the shamanic state of consciousness (SSC) that carries its travelers into the healing grounds where it becomes easy to let go of old life stories and to create new stories filled with hope and healing. You will also learn about the care and feeding of power animals, and the techniques of soul-retrieval and soul-hiding. Regina has been practicing shamanic techniques since 2003 and uses them in all parts of her healing practice. Regina is a member of the Society of Shamanic Practitioners and her teacher is Tom Cowan, world-renowned Celtic Shamanic Practitioner. She facilitates workshops around the country and will soon offer her teachings at "Above the Clouds Retreat Center" in Ecuador, South America. Learn more about what Regina does on her website at www.rivershealingarts.com

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    LOVE and your papa!

    in Self Help

    SpiritFlesh returns with a daddy celebration. IT'S OUR FATHER'S DAY SHOW (in July)! Queen and Ti discuss their take on why dads are so important. ***SHOW SOUNDTRACK*** Papa Don’t Take No Mess by James Brown / Just The Two of Us by Will Smith / Never Would Have Made It by Marvin Sapp

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    "NU Day Resurrection and Liberation"

    in Politics Progressive

    NU Day Resurrection and Liberation NU Day Resurrection and Liberation" is Progressive and powerful solution oriented dialog and interactions that information to educate, inform, motivate, and Liberate. "NU Day Resurrection and Liberation" is committed to providing open air waves that will enable undiluted communications, analysis of past, present, and future matters and issues specifically relevant to People of African Descent, reviews, and discussions regarding current events and future goals and objectives for Self-Determination as a single Being and as a Nation(s), and all matters of interest to Black/African People throughout the African Diaspora. Nu Day is a family, community, village and Nation building apparatus that is not only progressive but very unique because of its "out the box" approach and engagement. While the show is designed to assure that the Holistic positive development of African/Black women is placed in motion and is non stopped, NU Day is about and for the whole Black/African family/community, globally, and strive to raise up and restore the Great and Mighty People to their/OUR rightful place in the world and Universe. While a major emphasis is placed on the empowerment and upliftment of our Sistahs (The Mother of Civilization), NU Day brings the entire Village (Extended family) together for the purpose of bringing the truth and power of Our Creator through in every way possible and the great legacies of our freedom fighting and incredible ancestors

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    It's time to evolve already. Change is now, it's time to create consciously

    in Spirituality

    The Shift The Shift.. The Shift is happening!
    Change is happening everywhere. You see it all around you. Now it's time to direct the flow of energy to create more of what you want rather than just being bounced about by the energy already in play.
    How do you change? How do you create something different? How do YOU experience yourself as different so that something different shows up?
    Join me for spiritual evolution talk. It's all about you.. changing you.. changing your reality.
    Join me in the chat room and on the air for talk that takes you into a new self awareness.
    Use your Reiki Stones Crysals to Heal the Gulf.

    A Journey Back To Self Answer the Call to ChangeThe Road of Healing and Self Awareness.

    How to LIVE Free Heal Your Life Power of Forgiveness.

    Find out about my classes, spiritual coaching and energy healing Visit my website today to heal your life.

    Check out my NEW store Awakened Empowerment Healing Stones, crystals & gemstone jewelry.

    Discover HOW to BE Happy Awakened Empowerment These Ebooks will help YOU CHANGE your Thinking and change your life!.

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    Spiritual Birthing

    in Spirituality

    Join me every Monday - Thursday for a 30-minute conversation that will shift your consciousness for the day. Allowing you to create a space and a place for healing, empowerment and inspiration.

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    Laser Focus with Diane Brady

    in Women

    Author Diane Brady of "Knowing Where to Begin... brings the fire as she interviews top business people about their success and how they overcame obstacles to make it to the top!! This show you would not want to miss. I am interviewing a ***PIMP*** -That's right! I said,it! ***A PIMP*** TAX G Comes on talking CADILLAC TALK! Tune in and let him tell you how he changed the game of pimping and what's different about him. Also, he's 23 years old and has been in this old game for three years. WATCHOUT NOW! This is a show you would not want to miss!

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    Grammy Nominated Producer Kashif Sponsors Music Camp for Foster Kids

    in Youth

    Grammy Nominated Producer Kashif experienced living in eight different foster homes before turning 15 years old. Due to budget shortfalls, the State of California may have to cut many services that benefit children including those living in foster homes with their guardians.

    Kashif University which was founded by the famed music producer, can be best described as a university without walls with a focus on the inner workings of the music industry and is is hosted by the six-time/ Grammy nominated, Multi-Platinum, producer, singer, songwriter and author turned educator.

    Kashif University is teaming with the California Department of Children & Family Services to give foster children an opportunity to attend a music recording workshop.

    From July 12-23, 2010 they will work together to make a difference in the lives of hundreds of children in foster care through music.

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    The Kerrie O'Connor Show

    in Spirituality

    Join Kerrie O'Connor and Dave Turco as Kerrie uses her amazing intuitive abilities to help you transform and celebrate your life! Kerrie can energetically view your personal life history and blueprints, observe your true inner processes and help you tune into and direct your soul's purpose right over the phone. Kerrie's mission is to remind and re-awaken you to your Divine heritage. She can help you step out of your "stories" and into your power. Begin to release from negative thought patterns so you can truly live your most joyous and fulfilling life. Please go to www.kerrieoconnor.com for all of Kerrie's offerings from workshops to teleclasses to radio shows and an array of products.

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    A show with Dayo Isreal. Let's Talk about politics, youth, and success

    in Lifestyle

    World renowned Dayo Isreal will be live on the show this Thursday to talk about his journey in life and upcoming programs. We will also dialogue on issues surrounding youths, politics and other relevant topics.

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    How to Master Emotion with David Childerley

    in Spirituality

    David Childerley has created in 2006, myGenie.tv and launched the internet's first video coaching platform to serve the needs of members around the world who take responsibility for their own health and well being.

    myGenie.tv was created in the UK by David & Michelle Childerley, both qualified AAMET EFT emotional freedom technique certified practitioners and law of attraction coaching experts.

    myGenie.tv helps members create an awareness of the power hidden within them and develops that potential using highly innovative video coaching techniques.

    The myGenie.tv platform utilises cutting edge video streaming technology to provide an online platform of personal transformation, in total privacy.

    Members enjoy global 24/7 access to extensive online video archives of short and effective 'do-it-yourself' coaching techniques.

    Join today and become part of a respected online self empowerment community that supports thousands of members from over 180 countries worldwide.

    More information about David Childerley can be found at these sites:


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