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Stay informed and educated about what is effecting Christians today. Empowered by Christ Radio is an outreach radio program of Empowered by Christ Ministries. For more information on Empowered By Christ visit the links below. EBC†RADIO is a Christian Apologetics & Worldview radio talk show.

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From our family at EBC†RADIO to yours we hope you all had a good Christmas. Now it's time to get back to work. False teachings never takes a break so we can't either. Does it seem to you that false teachings or "Heresy" is on... more

Tonight on EBC†RADIO we will be taking some time to recharge our batteries and listen to a sermon that is in tune with the season. This sermon was preached by John MacArthur and is entitled "The Theology of Christmas." Hope... more

Today on EBC†RADIO your host Richard Haas will be critiquing a new clip by Pastor Steven Furtick from Elevation Church. The name of the clip he will be looking at deals with a sermon that Furtick preached on the 5th of... more

Tonight on EBC†RADIO your host Richard Haas will be examining calling out false teachers. Is it Biblical to call out false teachers? Is there a biblical mandate to practice this in the modern Church? Make sure you tune in and find... more

This afternoon on EBC†RADIO Richard will be talking about a trend that is occurring more and more in the postmodern church era. Richard has coined this term and trend as Café Christianity and described it as, "picking and... more

Today on EBC†RADIO Richard will be talking about the topic of street preaching. Richard will have special guest Edward Hacker joining him today on the show. Edward is a street preacher from the land of a thousand lakes... more

This afternoon on EBC†RADIO, Richard will be looking at the subject of Atheism. What is Atheism? Is Atheism a just a lack of belief as the Atheist claim or do they have their own religion? Richard will also be talking about a favor... more

On this episode of EBC†RADIO, Richard will be talking about the dangers associated with the Occult. He will also be asking the question, Are you promoting Occultism? Occultism seems to be running afoot in America today, it's in our... more

Today is a very special episode of EBC†RADIO! It's a "RADIO FREE Wittenberg" meaning that Charlie Brennan is taking over the mic. So watch out and being ready for just about anything. Today Charlie will be talking about... more

Tonight on EBC†RADIO there is a lot to discuss. Richard will give his view about the violence happening in Furgerson MO. He will also be talking about the Holidays and Christians. Should Christians participate in the Holidays? What... more
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