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Elliot Rivera

Rational Culture with Elliot Rivera


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Objectivism in daily life, particularly as it relates to culture. Objectivism is all about living your best, happiest, self-actualized life on earth - and this show celebrates that while arming you with the philosophical and moral defenses necessary to protect it.

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One of the most over-used phrases recently is "Check your privilege", as in, "Check your white privilege" before making statements about other peoples' races, cultures, sexualities, etc. But as Elliot points out in this week's episode, the... more

Following the showdown in Nevada over the Bundy Ranch, many people are starting to get somewhat trigger-happy for a revolution against the government. But when is it actually time to fight back? When should we continue to... more

Between Eich's forced resignation and countless violations of people's rights, when do the bullied become the bullies? What makes them tick? On this episode of Rational Culture, we examine the continuing encroachment onto individual... more

What, exactly, are rights? We've been hearing a lot about rights this past week, particularly with Hobby Lobby and its fight against the encroachment of government. Unfortunately, lots of people - on BOTH sides of the issue - have a... more

Following the Conservative Political Action Conference, everyone is prescribing different paths to victory for the GOP. But what exactly is the surefire way to win, and who do they think is their best shot? On this episode of Rational... more

In the modern culture, "discrimination" is considered to be a bad thing. It's become synonymous with "prejudice" and "ignorance". But what exactly is discrimination - is it an act of bigotry or a necessary epistemological occurence? On... more

Is privacy something we should no longer count on? Or is it supposed to be taken for granted? On this episode of Rational Culture it's our long-awaited discussion on privacy.

In the modern culture, the dollar sign ($) is used to indicate avarice, greed, obscene wealth. Cartoon characters, usually villains, have vaults filled to the brim with sacks of gold emblazened with '$'. Money has become a bad thing, a bad... more

Is Obamacare actually a moral policy, or not? How do we judge its morality? What creed/ethics does it rest on, and why should we check its premises? On this episode, Elliot examines why Obamacare and other government intrusions into... more

A culture is the summation of the intellectual achievements of men and women who live and work together closely. So if the culture is in decline, what does that say about our society's intellectuals? In this debut episode of Rational... more