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The Eerie Late Night Radio Show

The Eerie Late Night Radio Show


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Mr. Maniacal , The Halloweens Jack and Jacqueline and The Bone Jangler talk all things eerie and horrible with special guests in the Horror and Horror Hosting field.

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Sometimes, every once in a while, things are on your mind and you just have to let them out. When it comes to The Bone Jangler and Halloween Jack, there is no exception to that rule. That rule was probably made with us in mind. And you... more

April 7 of this year marked the 85th anniversary of one of the greatest thrillers of all time, "King Kong." We have discussed this film before, but it's a film that you can't say enough about. Last year we talked to "Kong" expert Frank Dietz about... more

That "smooth as silk" voice (which he attributes to unfiltered Camels and scotch) is unmistakable. When you hear it, you know you are in the presence of a legend. It was in September of 1974, that he made his television debut... more

Last weekend our conversation on Mexican Wrestling-Horror films was a little derailed as there were other topics that came to the fore front. The passing of James Hedricks a.k.a. "Captain USA" was a blow to all of us, and there have... more

A lot has happened in a week. We were saddened to hear of the passing of James Hendricks who played Commander USA. For four years and over 200 episodes, the good Commander bought us the best (?) in horror and sci-fi and... more

Look up in the sky...it's a bird...it's a plane...no it's Supes! No not that super being, but THE Super Hero of Horror Hosts...the legendary icon of Cleveland hosting history, the one and only Superhost! Ok, so he he wasn't faster than a speeding... more

In honor of The Bone Jangler's Incarnation Day, we've had two weeks where Halloween Jack interviewed his partner, The Bone Daddy himself. Then it was a week of talking about nothing. The response was so huge and the... more

We have had some terrific guests in the past and have done some shows on great topics on this radio show, but tonight, well, we're doing nothing! That is, we're just going to kick back and talk about absolutely nothing. No, there... more

Last weekend on The Eerie Late Night Radio Show we continued the celebration of The Bone Jangler's Incarnation Day which started on The Monster Channel. As usual when we have a great topic and/or guest, the time just flew by like The... more

He has been here since the beginning of time...maybe even longer. He has sat watching, not getting involved in the business of the mere mortals. His only concerns are hosting movies and having a good time. He spreads words of... more