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The Edge, which has supported holistic living in the Upper Midwest USA since 1992, inspires you to expand beyond your beliefs, reminds you to listen to the voice of your soul, and offers information and guidance on how to be in balance. Please visit edgemagazine.net for archives of every Edge program here on Blogtalkradio.com. Thank you for listening!

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Today on Quantum Techniques with Heidi and Tom we will be testing a client with fatigue, headaches, gloomy feeling and digestive discomfort. This will be a live show, callers are welcome.
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Pathways Health Crisis Resource Center Pathways provides complementary healing services for people affected by health crisis. Pathways participants experience enhanced immune system functioning, a heightened sense of... more

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For over a decade, Dr. Todd has been developing what he calls the Pineal Tone series. Inspired by a deep inner knowing - a remembering - of an ancient time in an ancient land pineal toning is a system of sound syllables toned in various... more

"Non-Symbolic States? Join host Elise Marquam Jahns, with guest Dr. Jeffrey A. Martin discussing his research in non-symbolic experience. Jeffery is a leading expert on persistent non-symbolic consciousness and... more

Today we will be working with a client with digestive issues. We will be discussing healing digestive issues with Energy work. Thank you for your interest in the Edge! Please go to edgemagazine.net to view the latest issue of the Edge. For... more
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