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Not the human fortune cookie type, so platitudes are not often on the menu. but I love what I do and have huge respect for my clients.

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I cannot articulate the sheer incredulity I experience when I come across "people" who are foolish enough to go looking for a sex demon as opposed to engaging with an actual human. So for what I hope will have to be the last time I will in... more

So boys and girls, word on the street is you can enhance all kinds of abilities and talents of the psychic voodoo variety with the right foods :) Crazy, maybe but stranger things are true. Soooo toniight amongst other things we will be looking... more

So at this point the world is in such shit Helen Keller on a island alone would e aware of it. Do we sucumb to the pain and endless buckets of shit that our world is bathing in right now? Is this the new black/30/orange? I think not, in times... more

So loads of people ask me about being empahic, what it is and how to develop it. So tonight I will attempt to explain the deal with it. Dispel the myths and try and point out the management of it. I am also opening up the lines to talk about... more

So not everything I do is dead people and demons. I am not a one trick ho fo sho. Some of the best work I do is with people and their energy. Clearing out all the shit that need not be there and helping them become who they should be... more

Bit lonely, life giving you a swift kick in balls? When it happens there is always someone saying, pray to the angels, speak to your guides. But what if the "guides" are what causes the ongoing drama and shit? Some of you will say... more

If you are one of the "beautiful and blessed" people love is a dream. Boy meets girl, girl is all your cok. Boy is all you too, be my lobster and the rest is sickeningly happy. Sometimes its boy meets girl, shit looks yummy, then love becomes a... more

Brace yourself for three hours of me moaning my ass off. Even a bad ass bitch can have an off week. In the words of Samuel L mofo'n Jackson I have had it with these motherfuckin weddings, demons, nad dead people on this motherfucking... more

So it is always when things are darkest I get happy. Not because I am the queen of the night, but because taking chaos and shity situations and bringing a remedy and prosperity to someone is the most amazing thing I can do. I cannot... more What a week, I have been the busiest of bitches in the last 10 days. I am closing the work on the lovely Tyler, baking my booty off, dealing the with new neighborhood ghosts and dying to see the World Cup final... more