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Dr Dave 4D

Dr Dave 4D


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Personal growth aided in blunt terms. No BS here, only UFO's, Evil Cabals, Secret Governments, and tools like the Urantia Book, Law of One, and religion.

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Dr. Dave and uncle Lu shed their usual structure this week and go theme-less, in this "No Agenda" Pow-wow Hour special. Just like listening one of the conversations that lead to this show; the pair might discuss anything, with a nod... more

Dr. Dave and Uncle Lu look at super hacker activist Anonymous. As a platform they incorporate the "swarm" method; no leaders/everyone is a leader and everyone does what they want. You can't stop others from doing whatever they... more

Dr. Dave and Uncle Lu discuss Unviersal Basic Income in modern terms. Is it free money that promotes laziness? Is it a natural right to have the necessities of food and shelter? Should natural resources benefit everyone? In this episode... more

Dr. Dave's dads and uncles built the Oroville Dam. They were the Laborers and the Teamsters who blasted mountains, mucked it out, and repeated til the job was done. The name Oroville has resounded in the 4th Dimension as a verdant... more

Feeling down or feeling high on the USA right now--why you feeling that way? Motivation lies deep below the surface, but all we are looking for, any one in any group anywhere--all WE are lookign for is the feeling of community. We desire... more

Dr. Dave and Uncle Lu take a look into robots, with an emphasis on web bots. Can they really predict the future? How is that affected by spirituality and free will? Do bots cause, or at least aid in, making the events happen? Is this the start... more

Antartica, the "other pole" down under, was visited in 2016 by more world leaders than in all its modern history--1820, when it was "discovered" to present. Obama, Bishop Kirill, Buzz Aldrin, and John Kerry on US Election Day! Mystery abounds... more

Dr. Dave and Uncle Lu look at the Antarctic form their usual scientific and spiritual perspective. This mysterious pole has played second fiddle to Santa's home up north--why? Is it the "negative pole?" Why all the UFO's? Listen in or call in and... more

The Denver Airport was over $2B over budget. Admitted facts: 1) Extensive tunnels run under the 52 square mile airport (failed baggage system); 2) It has weird art and the entry statute killed the artist; 3) Freemasons placed a time... more

Dr. Dave and Uncle Lu really liked the show on the Mandela Effect. In fact, they can't stop thinking about it. This show will focus on how their thoughts have progressed since doing the original show that aired August 23, 2016. The word... more