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Dr Carol Francis

Dr Carol Francis


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Hello, this is Carol Francis. We are going to be doing a very different topic today. This program will only appeal to a certain group of people and actually for the rest of people, they might find it irritating, unbelievable, disjointed, because we are going to be doing channeling. I have invited Ryan to be channeled today and you will not be hearing a source of the channeling, you'll just be hearing the channel or the channeling. The questions vary then set aside to the answer then we are going to get forward with that. This is in a compliment to a book that I have written or I have explored about 14 different spiritual perspectives including the spiritual perspectives associated to health, money, power, as well as the traditional religious beliefs as well as the more new age beliefs. So this is about an aspect, in fact I think it's chapter two of my book called Spiritual Path, Spiritual Guru, Your Choice. So I hope you will enjoy, Ryan. Ryan has a very upbeat personality and you will get to know more. We will interrupt every so often, just to take a little bit of a break and then we will come back. So enjoy the next two hours. I hope you find it very helpful for those of you that are open to new information to channel, thick enough to care. I am going to turn this over to the channel and to Ryan, who comes forth. (Music)

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_2:37_ to be invited here. Thank you Carol Francis, Dr. Carol Francis, for opening up her particular radio show for this. We understand that the channel in process is definitely controversial and well it should be because there are so many charlatans out there or fakes, and you should at any point in time check every truth or truism or anything that is declared that has happened in sort of veracity. This is that which is not observable, but that is the difficulty for human beings, is that the unobservable tend to make individuals very uncomfortable because it doesn't show to have been their germane of awareness. But that is part of the human experience, to test and to trust only that which you have found to be trustworthy or to trust with some sort of measure of hesitation or awareness. But it is extremely important for you to be as objective as possible but to realize that objectivity even there is another _3:40_ is actually always based on your pre-preposition, your sociological upbringing and also your wish between desires and needs. And so you must also test yourself because your perceptions of reality are going to be twisted or _3:56_ in some fashion or form but you can't necessarily know exactly when you yourself are pursuing reality. And that is the first topic of our particular session with you today. And again we are so honored to be invited here by Dr. Carol Francis. We understand that in her profession that this is a very different adjunct and we want her to feel at ease that the people who will listen to this will be as open as possible and at the same time will also be as _4:28_ as possible so that is our introduction to the first topic and that is of reality.

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You must admit there is absolutely no possibility that you could possibly think that what you can feel, what you can experience with your five senses is actually the limit of reality. Now that you have been able to harness extreme power through electronics - through electricity, through the radioactive processes that go on around you, there are so much that is invisible, that you have absolutely no comprehension of whatsoever. Not whatsoever. Very few of you will understand the electrons going through the wall when a light switch goes on, you can perhaps understand it but you don't think about when you hit the light switch. There are only few of you who can understand or actually experience what a cell phone goes through in order to be able to give a message for you or what a computer goes through when it goes on the internet. So now that you are much more open to the recognition that there are so many things that are invisible to you and not comprehendible to you that are absolutely able to be harnessed by you for the benefit that they ease your life and therefore if you accept reality of what you are able to harness, then you also have to accept the reality of that which you cannot be or touch with your five senses. Yes, you can come to the consequences of harnessing those items but you cannot touch them, and therefore you might as well just say yes, you're right. I learned in a state of ignorance 99% of the time in terms of what I do, how things work around me and what is in the process. But what I do during my day, I do know and therefore it is what you are acting upon, that you are deciding upon, what you are creating yourself, a chore that you are accomplishing, if this is what you are doing throughout your day, that is your reality, and to disagree that you are proficient in those, that becomes something that is _6:37_.

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The final thing that you must realize is that 99% of the things that are going on around you that do definitely impact you, that you are not conscious of or simply could not understand. So therefore, I would like you to open yourself up to a possibility that you must recognize that there is reality that is coming through with the spiritual realm. So we talk about angels, or rather you do -- you talk about angels -- you talk about angels -- you talk about God. We talk about various characteristics and qualities of God or as probably in more _7:19_ you in store or for others of you, you would have different names for God and the thing is that can you recognize because absolutely no way that you can understand God. You might have .001% of an experience of what you might translate or interpret as god. You might have a slightly greater percent of experience of what you would say the spiritual realm. You might have more of a percent of your own spirituality or perhaps the way in which you exist in spiritual form simultaneously coalescent in your material form. If you are understanding now that aren't very miniscule, and you need to appreciate how small it is, but did you open yourself up to you say well, there is really no point of being dogmatic. I can certainly embrace the point of view and certainly enjoy a point of view and certainly find the point of view extraordinary helpful, comforting, guiding, constructive, just like you use your cell phones for example, and you find it very helpful to do this, but you really do not understand all the mechanisms unless you're one of the select that goes through the programming and the electronics and the development of a cell phone as well as all the towers and satellites and support you are receiving a message.

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So therefore as a consequence you really do need to come to term that you really know very little, and not still small in terms of your self-esteem or your significance, but yes, definitely in terms of your inclination to be dogmatic. Dogmatism is an interesting process to dwell. Those individuals that embrace a point of view to the exclusion of everything else do have very different dynamics that go on for them. They have a very strong need that feel like they can harness Truth with a capital T. There is nothing wrong with that need and nothing wrong with that desire. For many individuals, that makes them continue to search and be curious and to question and to test and to wonder. So that search for Truth with a capital T, meaning some sort of objective, definite, definable, overarching belief in truth that is like an absolute, and search for the truth can make so many individuals follow a spiritual path and follow their heart driven capacity. They are listening to themselves in terms of the urge to know, to understand, but simultaneously, they are radiating the fact that there are more things going on than they can even potentially comprehend or understand in any given moment of your existence, then it is in recognizing how very miniscule your capacity to understand as you dwell within the material realm if a spiritual existence occur, but you hear individuals for example.

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You can go to your YouTube and look for people who have experienced life after death and what would you discover. For you is that if people who have done the journey for you, would you choose to accept their journey as some point of reference of small key truth, that they say that the reality on the other side is so much clearer than the reality that you are in. And can you imagine? Yes, you can have image and imagination of that, but _11:12_ if this is the reality in that you function, you touch, you hold, you interact, you create, your interface, you manipulate, as long as this is the reality that you are here to master. _11:26_ is another reality or many, many, many realities that are quite different for you in something that has kind of incomprehensible and therefore you move yourself into recognizing that this is so much better than what you could ever grasp. So enjoy the journey of grasping what you can. Enjoy the journey of testing whatever people say that they grasp and then realize that you can enjoy what you feel, you know, and you can use it to enhance your well-being and perhaps of those around you. But then every human being you come in contact with has a separate idiosyncratic grasp of truth as well. How very difficult to know that simultaneously you interface with people at any given moment and simultaneously they interface with you and yet the truth of it is that you are not interfacing with them in the reality but rather your perception and projection into the reality, how you bring your question and collection of yourself into that position.

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This is very extremely complex process because if you are interacting with millions of people in a given moment, driving on the freeway, watching the same incident on a television, you would think that you are having the same reality as each of those people, moving in the room of your spouse to your children, you must have some level realized your experience of what is going on is unique for you and their experience is unique to them. So granting them the respect of being un-different from you, granting yourself that same respect will help you also grant every human being on the planet and beyond with same respect, that their experience of reality _13:35_ is actually going to be potentially different from you. Therefore, now we talk about reality on complex levels and it is only when you say, okay, I understand that I can only understand a miniscule amount that you open yourself up to the level of what God is actually, not that you can actually understand, no disrespect to you in that, but because your god is a source, all of the expressions of god, all the expressions of the source are vastly impossible for one human being to be able to know in its entirety, yes a part, a miniscule part, but never in its entirety. So definitely that _14:35_ you up from having to be feeling that you must walk in your absolutism, definitely that _14:43_ you up from feeling like you have to find the correct dogmatism to guide yourself from feeling like you might make a mistake.

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Doesn't that rev _14:54_ you up and not have to become other judging. And you know that there have to be no way you can adequately judge anyone in the _15:05_. However, does that mean that you shouldn't have to find if there is something trustworthy or not in what is being said in others. Would you possibly not test your politicians and just believe them _15:21_, that would be _15:22_. Would you completely trust your teachers at school to always discriminate truth, that would be _15:32_. Would you trust yourself to always seek absolutely well-researched information where you were the firsthand researcher in everything you declared? Be very quiet. Very unconversational if that were the case. So to know that there is only a small amount that you can absolutely know and to appreciate the vastness beyond that, with honor, with respect, and perhaps with a beam of - (Music)

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We sent a great deal of confirmation out there about health. Health has a lot to do with immortality and mortality. It has a lot to do with the fear of death, understandably. You don't actually know what will happen when your body stops. You have beliefs and you have hope and have stories, you know, that come back from their death experience, but you don't actually know what it will be like for you. And then to also feel like you might be afraid to leave those that depend on you. So health has a great deal to do with the issue of death simultaneously. And in the process of it, it also has to do with pain and the endurance of it, and it also has to do with being responsible for the vehicle, the wonderful temple of God as it is called a mini safe that you all dwell with then. So we would like you to think about your health in a very different way. If you could please think about it on a very cellular level. If you go to your imagination about your cells and you are imagining inside your cells, each cell has a community. And in a community, each aspect of the community has responsibilities, and each of those individuals, the portion we will call them for you, have a personality in their expression of their responsibility. Would you include how they will execute their responsibilities and also what they need, desire in order to be able to execute their responsibilities. That within each of your cells, there is this type of community and we, looking to your cells and find that in there your personality as who you are is somewhat expressed. Your scientist would call that a DNA. We would say that this is also in the message or the RNA, but there are so many other components that we won't move into at this point in time.

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But your cellular sciences are very conscious of all these details which we can find each and every one of your living cells, that they carry out this function. It is important for you to recognize because that means that you are in charge on how you impact each and every one of your cells. That makes you the guard of your planet body and the guard of your planet body or your body planet, whichever way you prefer, is your responsibility. And therefore health is relevant in terms of the _19:20_ the exercise that you have, the laughter that you participate in or that you create, this fluidity with which you express yourself and the love and respect that you are able to exude as well as you would be, you can go on that list but that pretty much probably do not summarizes the experience of what you need in order to create health. You would add one item to that list and that is the experience of empathy, ability of you to have empathy with your cells, each of your cells, and empathy with other humans, as well as your ability to degenerate empathy from yourself and empathy from others around you so that there is this exchange that goes on like a channeling process of it going in and out and in and out. There is the process of other and self. There is a process of inside your material body and outside your material body. There is that impulse in each and every one of your cell as they receive the chemicals or the messengers that are outside of the cells and then metabolize those messages and then send messages outward as well.

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So we are talking about waste products, we are talking about fuels, we are talking about movement and decisions and pass of the information and then creating an impact as well, another would be that you are going out. Now, there are approximately 27 trillion of these communities inside of you. That is a very large planet that you have, and each of those 27 trillion communities that that are called your cells rely on you to a very large degree. So that every time you are eating food, every time you are drinking, that when every time you are exercising, every time you are sleeping, every time you are laughing, every time you are converting, every time you are private, every time you're meditating, every time you are exercising, every time you receive empathy, every time you give empathy, every time you are in as state of _21:41_ or peak or stress or drained, that is having an impact on 27 trillion community within you. Now, notice that these are communities that are fully functioning in you, various compliments that process fuel, part of the community, create waste product part of your community, disposes of the waste product part of the community, the good cells, process information, part of to make decision, part of them in action and there is a constant series of processes that go on in this community but your cellular biologists were able to go deeper and to understand the function of each and every specific member of the community of your cells and would actually be able to understand the cellular process not only in terms of kind of a mechanism which is where they are somewhat at now but in terms of an action, series of dialogues that take place between the various function with any cellular community.

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Now, do you have a _22:47_ responsibility? Yes! You absolutely do. And therefore to be occupied with these responsibilities requires a great deal of compassion as well as attention. Your inattentiveness towards your body, towards the 27 trillion cellular communities within your body, is the primary source of your ill health. It has less to do with some sort of comment process, but yes, sometimes that is a part of it as well. It has less to do with what goes on in terms of your environment and things that appear to be outside of your control and more to do, much more to do in that that 80% of you with the decisions you make about what recently described before. Again, the food you eat, the water you drink, the nutrients you take in on terms of the fuel, secondly the laughter, the meditation, the peace, the joy, the acts of kindness which is your empathy outward, and the act of kindness towards you which is the empathy you take in, your sense of curiosity, your dance with joy, these are the sorts of fuels that feed the 27 community much more powerful and at least 80% of what goes on in your 27 trillion communities inside you require these source of input. The 20% that is left to things such of environmental pollution, such as things that are imposed on you by other individuals, powerfully imposed on you, intruded on you, abused upon you, these are about 20% of what goes on. Therefore, those of you that have trauma in your life or stress in your life, if you would _24:41_ the 80% of what you _24:44_ into regardless of the traumas that are there, that are coming outside and towards you, then you would be much better off. Now, we will talk later about abuse and we will talk later about trauma but recognize there is a portion of abuse in trauma which you condition yourself to be _25:05_ which relate to your need to be in the path of empathy, not abuse or trauma on honestly. So therefore consider now how powerful you are and of how responsible you are. At least you would spend the time focusing on your power. The impact would be a very happy 27 trillion communities. We will return. (Music)

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Your world in terms of economic crisis is as great stress and strain to many of you, your own ability to feel your body, which would require an economic exchange in your world. However, you tend to be more focused on the power of money and your ability or inability to raise money, to set an exclusion that you don't look at your creative power. So for example, a mansion that you are seeing in front of a television screen, in a place where there are many television screens and that you decide to sit in front of one television screen even though there are 50 other television screens in the same room and you sit so close that you cannot see any other portion of the room and you turn the volume up or listen with ear phones and that is all you can hear, and on that particular television screen is the communication of disaster, financial woe, and your inability to be able to take care of yourself financially, and you sit there in front of that screen, and since it is so believable, since it is all that you are putting into your mind, it becomes your reality. Now, remember we said that the reality you understand is such a miniscule portion of actual reality. But now you are taking in one set of perspective that yes, there is realities there at you. But you are only taking in that one perspective and you sit and you absorb, and you believe, and you believe what every portion of you and you convince your 27 trillion cells as to what is the truth that you are in the process of enduring.

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Now while you are in the process of taking in that reality, you must relay that you are sitting in the path of stress, tension, strain, and powerlessness, and therefore you will enact yourself either if you like you must fight against all the odds, which is problems that help you to respond given that that's the path the you've chosen to focus upon. Or to surrender which is the least healthy response you can take if you decide that that reality on that one television screen is the reality you must endure. So that if you feel like you have economic disaster. I wish you to consider that your economic disaster in your mind may be cultivated by the one television screen and that you are so completely focused upon and we want to remind you that once again, reality is far vaster than that which is you can understand. So now with the degree that you are taking yourself completely confined to all the data and information coming from that one screen of reality, why didn't you step back and decide that it is only one of the many millions in fact reality. Step back farther and step back farther, and farther, and farther until you can no longer see that screen. You can no longer see its message and begin to look around you at the millions of other possibilities. Now of course, you cannot look at the million possibilities but I have asked you to consider that there are 50 television screens in a particular imaginative room and each of them have a different position on reality. Go to one that looks it is so functional, capable, one that is least amount of stress and least amount of tension and most amount of functionality in terms of what we have discussed in the previous section on health.

30:13 S1

Look at the one that has been most empathic expression on what will encourage you to be your best and most functional self. In other words, choose the one that walks in the path of empathy. There you go. Now what did that screen applied to me? It was relatively stressful, but what I would like you to do instead of becoming completely blind to the 50 television screens around you, a different expressions of reality is to actually be able to see if you can just close enough to hear and absorb in the influence by this one message but to all zoom in in the perspective of the message of the other television screen. Why? Because it will help you remember that you were in charge of which of those screens you opt to look out at any given second. And what if those television screen that you expose your 27 trillion cellular communities within your body including all of the cells in your brain, where choice and decision an action and the influence on the other cells that paramount. Which one of the television screen that you want to expose your heart to, which is about love and about compassion, respect, and empathy? Which one of these television screens would you expose your stomach to, which is about your feeling in nutrition and disseminating the nutrition to the well being or its well being with your entire body, to your digestive system.

32:00 S1

In other words, you could go to any one of your television sets to authenticate the experience of that reality that will help your particular system that you needing willing to help. But right now you stay in front of the televisions that I have asked you to which is be the paramount amount of empathy, the least amount of stress and the least amount of tension and there you go. Immerse yourself in that reality and know that you are seeing in front you actual pictures of actual reality as you would define it as your material world and it is beautiful. It is peaceful, it is amazing, it is grasping you. We have no idea if this is a field of giving _32:47_ or possibly up in the pine forest or valley near the ocean or inside the ocean as you dive into the beautiful coral or up in the outer space and you explore the various stars and energies and planets. We have no idea what this television show is about. The feeling on inspiring experience of them. That's right. Feel the all inspiring experience of them, you pick them all. Feel the _33:17_ which you can explore easily and beautifully inside of yourself, the wonderland, the ease, the relaxation as if you are being gifted in this very moment with irradiating something so very, very beautiful. For some of you perhaps you are the images of angels or spirits that are filled with love and light and colorful expression of the things that makes me most elevated in mind. Now notice by your watching a television screen, hearing the beauty of the sounds, the voice and the music, the wave, the nature as if you absorb the information from the television set.

34:06 S1

That you are impacting the 27 trillion cultures or society within each of your cell. They are being fueled with a very different set of chemical. They are being fueled with a very different set of hope, empathy, and therefore in this moment you are giving your cells various help. Now, step back and find the television set that instructs you and your creativity as to how you can creatively, effectively and functionally could use the money that you need to exchange for the products that you feel that you need or want. Now you'll decide whether you feel that you want because the truth is is that you do not need that many product to be healthy, you really don't. You could actually probably ease your economic complication by only getting those very essential things that you need for your health. That is because of the variety that you have and your western culture and many cultures beyond, you are able to choose so much and therefore spend so much. But when you go to that television set that provides you with that kind of creative, not only inspiration but functional information about the various new sets that you have that help you create the finances that you wish to create. Let's try. Now what you are going to see on this television screen as you maintain awareness of the other 50 television screens as well in the room but you hear the message. You hear creativeness, you hear information about how you can save.

36:01 S1

You hear information about how you can push a small wide view. You hear information about how you can create money by doing this or by doing that. You feel the power of your capacity to actually _36:19_. For some of you, it will be what job you can have or what better jobs you can have. For others of you, it would be how you can garden. For others of you, it would be how you will exchange with other individuals within the community. For others of you, it will be how you can make your food more wisely so that you are eating things that are very, very productive for your body but they are just so inexpensively. It will be for you how you can perhaps like products for your body to be warm with or close with. It could be possibly whom you can talk to, what activity you can do. We could go on and on but this is the television screen about what you can do, how you can act, how you can function. Yes! All of the different ways that are available to you and think of what the television screen and live freely. Learn that before this television screen. Is it the real _37:19_ of what we can be? What you can be. This is the television screen that gives you information about reality but a very different reality that we began at first, and this is the television screen much more worthy because it is to be in the path perhaps not an empathy like the one a part of your second television screen but it is in the path of your functionality and yet you can function. Whether you are deeply depressed and deeply in ailment, deeply specifically dysfunctional, there is something that you could do that would be of hope for yourself and for others.

38:03 S1

There is something that you could do, many things that you can do. We would say millions of things you can do, but that might feel too big. So therefore we would keep it up in the number 50 things that you can do in this given moment and that if you've been sitting in front of the television set that were not even going to go _38:22_ how you cannot do anything and you are completely, completely hopeless. It will not take you to that point of _38:33_, because those of you that are completely dysfunctional sit in front of that and decide if that is your reality and if it is so closely but you don't consider that 50 other televisions exist with reality of harmony. Therefore if you understand what it means to be able to earn money, you already understand what it means to manage the money. To manage your financial situation so that you can empathize with your material realm in ways that are very definite. Now there is another television set that you might find quite curious and that is the one that talks about how your social situation on your global range, talks about all the financial dysfunctionality that is taking place and to utilize all the messages about the financial dysfunctionality that's taking place in your day, in your wall street, in your financial circumstances that there are billions of individuals that are financially better off under this circumstance. _39:36_. There are billions of individuals that are better off under the financial arrangement and therefore why not you be. So you can sit in front of the television set that talks a bit all about this financial woe and how difficult what is going on, but you might actually prefer to scour up for yourself those television that are about those individuals that are succeeding financially quite well and on a very rapid level so that you can view yourself as being among those individuals.

40:19 S1

Immerse yourself in their teaching, in their lesson, in their information, in their technique, many of them are extremely unethical and unhuman on inhumane as you could say, but there are those individuals that can create great amounts of wealth and they create the great amount of wealth in a way that is possible and creatable. So those particular televisions that you go in front of that are about how you can actually become among those will inspire you, instruct you, inform you and direct you in ways that are quite different and now take note _41:00_ that your particular cellular functionality is improved that by being a student and an actor, a personal action that will burn the ability to create wealth for yourself much differently and sitting in front of those other televisions sets and even the one that you might have been sitting in front of before you read the instruction.. Now, rise above as if you're levitating and look down at the televisions that is all facing forward and see that to you they're just boxes that contain information and flashes of light, and notice the flashes of light are all about energy and notice that that energy has come in through vastly invisible processes that most of you do not even understand how does a television set would function. And now I want you to also realize that you have been able to live into your imagination visualizing its process and that you've even understand the power of your own imagination. No, do not? Do you even understand the electricity behind your own power to visualize or imagine? No, you do not.

42:23 S1

Do you even understand the biochemical impact your imagination has upon your body? Well, no you do not. But perhaps you can grasp the impact your imagination does, impact all 27 trillion cells. Each of the communities within them are impacted by whether your imagination controlled by you or controlled by others depending on how much you decided to take charge of your life. They are impacted by your imagination, and your imagination interfaces with what you believe do be the reality and that's not the real world, that that last television screen that we were upon which is that of the wealthy, you can make things happen and _43:07_. Their imagination is vastly different than the imagination then they just feel like they cannot function and that they are impoverish and they cannot make their life function and they're feeling _43:19_ and depressed. The imagination are both individually quite different but the truth is is that the power of your imagination, what you cannot possibly understand I believe taken for granted for now, that your power of your imagination is humongous and it is now time for you to imagine your greatest capacity to succeed and start taking step-by-step, inch-by-inch, molecule-by-molecule, cell-by-cell moving towards to your imagination. Now, for some of you, your imagination of your dream is so big that you can't even act upon it in the next moment. You might make your imagination small enough to be able to act effectively and positively proactively in your next moment after you finish listening to this.

44:13 S1

Your next moment is available for you to act productively, move in the path of 20 description of Christian tradition that's often quoted as ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and the door shall be open to you. Do you realized that that is a wonderful parable for you to open up your imagination as you recognize that this is not any different if you are to knock in the door, the door opens and you walk in. See? We process system of imagine. You must act to knock, you must have a door open in your imagination and that you once again must walk in. Yes, they're opening up a door, it's the empathic path and walk in that others they open doors to you but if you don't knock, they cannot open the door. And if the doors don't open, then go try another door and as you knock, ask your door if it is available. Go knock until the right door opens up with the right empathic path at you, empathic fuel financial needs, empathetic fuel ability to take care of yourself and others you _45:23_ for. It is easy _45:26_ can imagine but you can imagine another with big step toward the process. Look down again in the television screen and recognize that you look at the top of them and you're hovering above and you're levitating,. You're looking down and that is all within the context of your imagination. And the power of your imagination can also make you act because your imagination moves you toward something. Knock, find out if it works for you, then make sure that the next step as your imagination you are going to accept in the activities because they do _46:02_ for you. Imagine the next _46:08_ and the next _46:08_.

46:10 S1

For example, if your body is malnutrition and the only thing you have access to is water, then go drink the water. If the only thing you have available to you is to go pull a berry off of a plant, then pull that edible berry off the plant. How about an edible petal of a flower? If the next thing that you can possibly do is to find a dime on the ground and then go buy something even a piece of bubblegum in a bubblegum container and that is some of source of sugar or glucose for your body, then that is what you do. You may be that low and that is your next step. But the next step that if you are imagining that there is something there, if you're not seeing that will help you and you imagine that you can suddenly see its clarity, now look around and there will be plenty of things for you to avail yourself of, plenty of ways for you to earn money, and if you're busy saying no, no, no, no, no, no, I would not do that, I would not do that, I would not do that, I would not do that, I would not recognize, then that's fine if that means you're not opening up your own door. You can knock on a door and the doorknob may be on your side and there is no one but you to open the door _47:32_. It all starts with you. That is I think it's your responsibility when you're depressed or overwhelmed but it also is your power and do not forget the power of your imagination and imagining the next move is that may be health with you with the one and the next one and the next one. And I advised you to turn off the television screen when nothing in them that gives you a path, of a path like durability and wish you luck. (Music)

48:40 S1

We would like to take with you now a moment of meditation. A moment of peaceful _48:45_ those that are reading this. We ask you perhaps take their own voice and _48:52_ so they would be able to listen to this with their eyes closed and you can read it through as well. But those of you that have an opportunity, relax your body now. Make sure that there are no encumbrances or things that you need to pay attention to for the next moment, ten minutes at best. Stretch your body if you need to get that big. Stretch to the physical realm of your body. We are not _49:23_ the physical realm. We never happen. And those of you that I've never met before, know nothing about of, let me explain more a bit later. But right now, this your time. This is your time to give those 27 trillion cells in your body, a syncope, _49:45_. I think that you are not going to impose stress or strain or tension upon them. This is your time to give rest and take a nap. We know that when you sleep and there is so many things that go on inside of your physical body that's all about being able to regenerate, recuperate, and be fuelled. When you rest, there is ability for your body to take the waste products removed and quietly through like a trash truck taking your trash in the middle of the night away from you. Wake up in the morning and when you first urgently to get rid of the waste that has been funneled away and stored ready for you to eliminate the waste, but does so much ways. It has also been taking _50:37_ in the form of gas _50:40_ in the form of things that leave your skin that is not even understood yet by our own scientist.

50:48 S1

There is so much wastes that leave in your mind as well. As your brain decides to throw the waste products of the day, you do wake up more of a trash because your brain has also deposits _51:00_. There is something about meditation in there and they give yourself the peacefulness and rest during the course of your days is vitally important. You can do it in a moment and they are doing that this moment, as long as you continue to do it, you realize that you are relaxing and you are relaxing muscles. You are letting go of the tension in your muscles and it is interesting that you have been told your muscles are going to need to be _51:31_ and were doing may be strenuous job. Why did you have to tension in your muscles? Because you have a belief the tension in your muscles will help you to be able to get through the next moment. But this is false. That you are not exercising or doing weights or doing physical labor because your reason for your muscles to be tensed like they're dysfunctional, but they do not need to be taken _52:01_ can relax even more your jaws, your eyebrows, your mouth, your breathing. The back of your neck and your shoulder done by _52:11_ down both of your arms, your right and your left and now to your fingers, same with your feet, that's right, all the way up to your hips and down to your feet, the left side, your right side. And then relax, at ease, at peace, just a moment, an easy simple moment for you, an easy simple moment for you, that's right, calm and at peace, _52:55_.

52:58 S1

Every cell is turning much quieter and if it's still busy functioning because you're breathing, your blood is circulating, not much easier for the blood to circulate because you are not restricting your _53:10_ veins and arteries and capillaries. It is the easier for your immune system to function because you're not imposing stress and strain that adds to their burden and why would you do that. They can now just kind of clear out the debris and the waste. Your liver and kidneys are still able to function, gallbladder can still able to function, spleen can still be able to function. Your appendix can still be able to function and your intestinal tract can be routing round and about _53:43_.

53:44 S1

Very nicely. And then you take a deep breath and let your respiratory tract just move out the waste and take in the fuel of oxygen and other nutrients in the air. Your skin bruises as well allowing skin to be open in free to take in what they takes in from the environment and to move out the waste, what it puts into the environment. _54:15_ it is nice to be in connection with your body in a way that allows your body to function. It is a beautiful, beautiful planet that your body is. It is in fact one of the temples of the divine spirit, the soul, the God. It is a temple of God. It is the temple of God that you are in charge of, and in this moment, make sure that you apologise for every bit of misdirect. You are not that best of a God, are you? You are the type of God you _54:54_. You are the type of God that is dismissive and _54:57_ and put too much stress and strain and put too much effort and burden and _55:07_ believe too little in the well-being of you body and decide your body should function without your care and love. You are not stepping on the God and apologise now to all 27 trillion cells. They _55:21_ and that you are a God in training but you are just not doing that good of a job and that there is a moment you are more enlightened than ever before. How much each of the cell have been supporting you loyally, faithfully, kindly, trying to do give labor under the least passive way, _55:43_. And thank them now. Thank them for the help they've given to you. They are allowing you to be there.

55:56 S1

To learn how to be a god of your own planet, your body planet, 27th trillion communities, dwell within your planet and currently under estimation that's close enough. And there is always _56:18_ and all its productivity and _56:23_ tremendously honored to be a part of the planet, to have been invited. You are tremendously thankful that _56:36_, and now as if you are the humble servant to them, vow down to them each, each separately and say help me listen to your new - I mean listen to your one. Let me appreciate your gift that we work with you in the best of partnership. Let me hear you. Let me hear you like I wish could be _57:05_ God, did you hear my prayer, hear my prayer. And _57:15_ hear your sincerity and in these moments themselves _57:22_ others will _57:27_. Others will need peace in that. Others will need to eliminate you of waste. Others give you stimulation, electricity. Others we need _57:40_. And now instead of taking on the needs, wants and desires that are stressful, tense, responsibility.

57:51 S1

Feel the peacefulness of being the primary way on which you can address the condition in which they are optimized. Because peacefulness inside of you optimizes the environment, but then to be able to be permeable enough to get the chemicals they need for your system and permeable enough to leave your waste products out and permeable enough to interchange with each other, to carry up in a very community function. The peacefulness is a wonderful gift I wonder for the environment that you can give even if all about you is not peaceful and if all the things you have to do are bit peaceful, you can have _58:38_ from your heart, your intestines, the bottom of your feet, tips of knees, the edges of your shoulder blades, tips of each of your finger with warm energy in your brain, the thyroid and your neck, your lung _59:09_ in, your blood as a transport. Your veins and your arteries as they open to help create the right pressure for the push up the _59:27_ the reception and the pushing out. Your intestinal tract as it takes in what your mouth enjoyed what it takes in your senses that help you interface, but you're outside and notes that they are peaceful. This is all about you, it is not _59:55_ a natural meditation of _59:58_ moment. Take it in, keep it there and you can do this in a moment. You can do it prayer. (Music)

1:00:45 S1

Hello, Ryan, I would like to describe who we are today. You have listened thus far, you just recall the whole hour or you have read the book and therefore you've been able to maintain your attention for this amount of time. So for those that have remained listening to this, we would like to introduce who we are. We are actually are energy _1:01:04_ vibration. We have been present on your planet for approximately 10 years, so we have been following through the communication vehicle and we are so glad that we have this opportunity. We are being channeled as your spiritual community described in. It's an odd to the process but we are that we are energy which means we have no boundaries whatsoever in terms of about _1:01:35_ because there is nobody that takes your imagination to even to consider that. And we understand that only the portion of your imagination was given a minimum skill of what that mean. I am not trying to buy us. It did not need you to understand thus what to know what to grasp of, what we do need to how this wonderful opportunity provides you a perspective by your situation because they are not found that by all perspective you area able to most gain or rise above your situation to be able to create your next most powerful circumstances.

1:02:11 S1

And therefore you often needed here, isn't that it come from entirely different situation after whatever perspective is so that you can rise above your own isolated and limited perspective like we made you in reflection about television. So we are not here to prove any _1:02:31_but we understand what it is likely to go through your physical material realm. We would like you to, however, do graph that you are also energy and that you do not have in physical a form only. In your dreams you can update your physical form and you can actually transport yourself outside of your body and in fact you do in your way that you are possibly able to experience that and as in you are imagination, for example right now, you can imagine what it would be like be on the planet Mars and whether your imagination is accurate or not. You never have concern what your energy at portion if there is not portion of it. Your imagination to do another plan. Now imagine what it would be like to be a cat and in one portion of the moment you are able to take your imagination and feel like what it would be like to be in a cat when the cat stretches themselves, or pick, or licks their fur and gets their fur enough with matching choke up of _1:03:32_ ball, you can imagine it. And in that in imagining you are taking a bit of your energy and then projecting it only something other than yourself and that is the power that you need to do more frequently and more consciously. So you imagine for instance, projecting yourself as a form of energy and to the richest of the most wealthiest man or woman. Now as you imagine being inside this one, imagine what it feels like to have so much money that you don't know what to do with this.

1:04:00 S1

Imagine that you are inside a compassionate rich person and that inner _1:04:03_individuals who are trying to figure out which organizations are best used to coordinate the amount of money. Imagine that you are given a jewelry box and you also able to figure out how that you invest money so as to minimize the lost of finance. Imagine that that rich person, yes, they have a vehicle that is driven by someone else and you can use your time productively due to _1:04:27_. Imagine all of these with stress and strain and some of them are very rich individuals what he felt during what necessarily that they do. Now imagine what it would be like a _1:04:40_ having going to fall inside of your imagination for you to be of a rich person as well. What would it mean for you to have money enough to be able to help another one individual enough money to be able to _1:04:54_ to invest wisely and to think wisely. Imagine what will if it would like to reduce your time wisely only at the moment and now your taking a lesson that you have learned and using your energy of imagination with projecting the nature of each person and you realize that in your very own circumstances, you can do it precisely complete. You can do it in a quarter _1:05:15_. You can also decide to save the money for yourself. You can also decide to enjoy money more productively and wisely and you are not wasting. If not, you can decide to spend your money very productively with or without tension and you can do various same things that the rich person would do. And in that your imagination instructs you that in this very moment you were able to take yourself that relate to an individual. Now imagine yourself to be inside of a very healthy person's body, athletic, strong musculature, well exercised, well said, well pure, well _1:05:56_ and well maintained in terms of _1:05:59_ and culture.

1:06:03 S1

Imagine what it would like and feel within your body. Imagine what it would be like to make your future work to be more what it would it be like . Imagine the taste that is in your mouth. Imagine hydrating your body in the way that that helps you personally a very healthy person. Imagine what you have chewed that you don't like or if you like and then your body _1:06:23_. And now actually inviting them _1:06:25_. Imagine you are resting _1:06:27_. Imagine you are exercising vigorously and intensively. Imagine your musculature and part of your body and well being. Imagine yourself compared and to other human beings that are healthy and wonderful for their well being as well. Imagine all that and now imagine them earning your money, doing your chores and taking care of your other activity and now bring your imagination on that extremely healthy person that is your own body. Analyzing instruction of that imagination that you have, the energy that you have and the structure to how that we maximize and you have a capacity to do so, a mechanism, yes mechanism. As you take your imagination as projected carefully and it just optimal with circumstances and improve back the instruction that you have got from that and beside step by step, moment by moment, it used to can I act with their activity that they as well. And become known and in fact it is surprising what she want to be able to do. __1:07:35__ separately had the __1:07:37__ we are energy, they can slow inside of whatever fit them upon. A true energy we can collect information that understating, if you collect in understanding the information from your brain cell. It is like information in the stem from the different cell your body and you can experience this energy. In fact in this very moment of __1:08:01__ as you go inside your body adjustment to and allow us to be with this creative energy. They have been _1:08:06_. You will experience that probably __1:08:13_. A single layer of your body that needs to be warm does not need to be cool because some energy needs to be cool down and _1:08:23_ to be warm and there is __01:08:24__ sensation of the tingling __01:08:28__ you can also experience that you have actually nothing to attach to you have no desire to attach this, so we are all present from now and you will get completely feeling helpful. You are afraid to be completely need of that any sort of thing from the attachment or connection that might be causing the problem. We asked you unless when you go up to be yourself most of experience does nothing to judgment on whatsoever other than your own judgment which you can point to. For example perhaps you have some judgment and opinion for that. If anything good like the pain in your neck and we can see that you have a judgment about it and you don't like it and therefore we can decide your experience that you don't like that thing and if you decide __01:09:14__ maintain in your neck that you __01:09:20__easiest and relax to the __01:09:24__ not because of attachment to this and because of attaching to this but because of your community circulate our energy expecting the children with you. __01:09:31__ and that's may already have the experience and we have change. And for therefore realise that we are not about judging you and any way she had perform but rather do to be able to understand your own judgment with yourself and that is very different __01:09:47__ of judgment day. Actually, there are other religions that judgment or other people believed that is here to find as an adequate instead you can see yourself off from this, this is relate that your own judgment all about you being able to maximize and optimized your own __01:10:03__. We are about energy and therefore we do not understand the limitation of leaving this in your physical realm, but actually one reason we are able to give information about your physical realm and that predominantly your body is not a __01:10:21__ the material because your body is predominantly energy. The communities inside of you are predominantly energy, they are predominantly. Do you believe in chemicals inside of you energize? The fluid inside of you is predominantly energy. Therefore we actually understand you better need than you understand yourself because it's hard for me _1:10:43 of energy to be able feel your body. If you feel your body is having in the density of the materialism that should also imagine the body as extremely light and be able to levitate because your body is predominantly energy and that helps a good look, where able to levitate a transport to buy _1:11:03_ it. You can move yourselves, a little bit conscious of the energy of your body. And in that when it can less himself and you are conscious of the material has been complete and that material density can go less and in other location is well.

1:11:21 S1

Why? Because energy can be in many places __01:11:27__. We are energy. We can be anywhere, you can't be everywhere but we can do what we want and then we know we can't be everywhere and because we are not all of energy with this a collection of the energy is thought. We have identity and you have personality, we have expression, we have a safe tell if should they say that is nothing regarding with the material__01:11:50__, but does not to be an energy. We are massive energy that can lead anyone through anything, but would has not been at yet as a identification what you call God because God is everything and everywhere and at __01:12:12__ and that's been very clear that adequately one of the document that in transmitting to those who tried to understand, it is the original aspect of believing good luck. (Music)

1:13:28 S1

Will take a break right here and we will continue with Ryan in a moment. (Break)

1:13:58 S1

Thanks for continuing for this line hope you're alright, gaining a great deal of a appreciation and understanding of why you're being exposed to hear with some view to the brand new experience and something that you should __01:14:08__ Ryan said, but at the same time in opening yourself out to that possibility that, boy, beyond our understanding that we already know beyond our understanding and how does that being said lead. I don't understand, we don't even know that there's there to be considered. One of my best examples that come out within the last year is that the understanding what gray matter is and that we really believe that the majority of this universe the scientist said that is actually made of gray matter. It is about that, gray matter out there we don't even know exist and yet majority of our universe is made of that. And that very statement the scientists are able to give us this wonderful, wonderful way to remind us that, yes! There's more out there that we could actually begin in to graph. And now we will return you to Ryan and enjoy. We have another 45 minutes of our program and have it. So we give a chance for Ryan and us to remember of other question. (Music)

1:15:40 S1

Other question that we've asked if not only about what spiritual in your life and let's talk about spiritual being and how to judge you and once again you gone have to realise that some of you are going to be skeptical, some of you are going to not believe in any of these and if you want to embrace __01:15:57__ and we will ask that actually to stay there they real question of understanding of what goes on and also open yourself the actual opportunity to be able to engage in the spiritual realm. So, you have by act of listening to this program will leave you __01:16:20__ sense yourself that you are curious about spiritual realm and therefore in your curiosity were going to open yourself at your imagination about it and as you know we can imagine anything through energy and that anything actually create an actually imagine or not. It is a little bit difficult for you to understand nor appreciate, but if you could imagine of something you have actually created it. Now, once again let's state at once "If you imagine it you will created it." We did exist! Somewhere in what you've called the Cosmo, so whatever you imagine, whatever you imagine it creates it. And remember when Christ said they don't even think the act of murdering someone. You have murdered. If you got the act that created infidelity and be defiling against your spouse. You've actually created that. That seemed like a very big Birdman's den, but what Christ was trying the point to you was not so much that you should be walking around should groom and horrify in yourself and that rather to consider that we could actually purify your thought and that what you created in terms of what you imagine. Actually is the creative power as one. So, therefore why not use it for being much more productive in life and much more effective in helping other than the __01:17:43__. So, does it be you have to guard especially your imagination and not trust yourself. Well, thinks for a moment what that question in the society. And what it allows you to do this that you don't trust your ability to focus on creating that which would help to __01:18:03__ to the universe and creating yourself and that is what you need to focus on. Can I trust myself? To be in a creative to be productive mental state a majority of the time. Can I trust that what I imagine is though and therefore what I imagine can be the creatively positive? What is main point on, I think you need positive sign __01:18:28__ because when you are trying to think something, we know judgmental clue __01:18:33__ you will also say Oh! Wow! What I've just done! Not really is to ground yourself off to think you're horrible __01:18:45__ individual, although in moment you ask me that we can be is in fact the truth and that's what you have to look up in the mirror I go hoh! Boy look at what I just created I'm being astound all of this moment, but then you can also say well, if I just created that and that was rather disgusting up maybe. I can now create something that is much more positive and then proceed with insight, but perhaps you can now constantly create something very good for that person you just murdered in your mind or perhaps you can create the imagination that the pros and cons __01:19:18__ pay for what I did. Perhaps you can create inside of the imagination that you go to that __01:19:25__ and then I wish that you would apologize to me because it could be very _1:19:31_ to say you apologize to this as well. And you can imagine that you've actually created that with the dialog, which is the type of dialog which is __01:19:42__ as well as the other trace. Now what we do the impact of the thought?

1:19:44 S1

It may not be an action material that _1:19:49_ of it. In which case you will try yourself ah! That's was a stupid thought. If no, we would ask you not to do that. Because you will actually begin to respond in a biochemical level, a cellular level and actually they will have an impact on gesture. So, it was fine that you _1:20:05_ conscious of your gesture in that way. And that individual will actually give the impact of your positive experience as an individual gets impact of your negative imagination. We impact everything. I as energy can impact you, you as energy in your imagination definitely impact anytime your having imagination about anything or anyone. And you find yourself unlikely that look at what you're imagining and find _1:20:39_ creating something that you like to imagine and that individuals will have some sort of response. Now, depending on if that individual is tuned in to the response or even wants to select to respond, then it will have their impact because you have to know that individual. Also, independent from you and anything _1:21:02_ can decide to have nothing to do with you. So, as the consequence of that, you cannot dictate with your imagination what another person's response to your imagination. Which you can sort out there like a gift and a gift is the way of giving without necessarily expecting that you receive and open and receive the gift. Now those of you that might know that there are individuals that like to _1:21:30_ imagine such as _1:21:33 individuals or having sex _1:21:36_ with someone or to _1:21:38_ someone down. At every human being, we tell you we trust you that is _1:21:44_ have those sorts of feelings even though young children have _1:21:48_ urge to kill or murder or to dominate or to satisfy _1:21:53_ because they don't _1:21:55_ as a part of the human experience.

1:21:59 S1

They walk throughout of your empathy, but it also helps you walk into their empathy because you know _1:22:02_ can exist. They _1:22:05_ a type of appetite. It is a longing of desire, but it is not the need, but it is an appetite. And you want to know that that is a part of your human experience, it is an energy, it is _1:22:17_ and so we need to project it toward another individual. There is extent it will have an impact on the other individual. If you take it out of your imagination to action, it is much more likely that it will have an impact on another individual. It you take an actual knife to a person and stab them a million times over, that person is likely to die and bleed to death and be in a great deal of pain and to enter the spiritual realm, have a great deal of a sense of having gone through torture and pain and that will have an impact on the foregoing transmission of that person's energy, the identity of that energy you should think. So as a consequence, you can act or impose your _1:22:58_ on another by moving it out or your imagination and you can impact them much more in the physical realm. In contrast, you can also deduct with your love, with your love, your empathy, your graciousness, your kindness, your goodness, and you can go ahead and project that with imagination. You will have a certain amount and impact. You can go ahead and put it in the expression of the material _1:23:19_ and that will have a much more definite material impact. All of it is very real. All of it is something will have an impact. Of course, the other individual can decide to receive or not receive and can minimize the impact and maximize the impact that you're having one. The best one is the consequence. You can now take charge of the responsibility you need to take responsible for in terms of your of actions and your imagination. However, that is not where we want you to _1:23:48_. Not with your state of responsibility or _1:23:49_, but now to recognize your _1:23:56_ powerfulness and your powerfulness is something that needs _1:23:59_ projects outwardly, having a tremendous amount of impact.

1:24:02 S1

Now, if any of you doubt, there is a wonderful amount of research. One of which comes from one of your _1:24:08_ academic circumstances, it's called the Princeton and you can look there and many other places to _1:24:14_ very much agreed with _1:24:17_. We also know that what thoughts you have in your head impact your body. We know that and you can know that too by all of your researches that have gone alone this line as well. They are not saying anything that you actually can't measure now. You will project the positive things to a plant and you can measure the plant out and your plant will respond. Or you can project did you can or not watering your plant and your plant will immediately be found to that negative act, that imagination of _1:24:47_ as well. So therefore, we will ask you to be very aware of the power of your imagination and the power of your imagination, how can you things happen. (Music)

1:25:31 S1

We'll review now, right now to predict your future about your planet and the circumstances going on and to leave the international affairs. The truth of the matter is you cannot predict it, because you now, depending on how many of you begin to recognize the very importance that we're talking about and actually create a change. You can create the change and there is nothing to do, what seems to be an _1:25:56_ currently in situation. But is _1:25:59_ very present moment in my present environment. I am aware that on your planet it is raining, but if the individuals in your particular area wanted to change the rain if there is rain in your area, they would be able to engage themselves and imagine _1:26:15_ and the rain which suddenly stopped. You doubt them. But don't, not even for a moment. You might want to practice with exercise, with experiments, they could figure it out. Make it a true hypothesis in your mind and then go about trying to figure out what it takes for you to be able to exercise that type of power over your natural environment. Now, imagine something that's not quite so benign, that of your political legion that are twisting and turning over the bank. Recognize that there are many people that are involved in the banking situation that actually can solve the situation where it appears that the banks lost the money that they have not. It appears that they are in financial situation because individuals are in complete control of where the money comes and goes. _1:27:08_ they believe that they are in danger and therefore we have to rescue, tell them the truth if they didn't need to be rescued, but don't take the rescue and be able to use that money as well. But in order to be able to appreciate that, the few that are in charge of that dimension have to be positive and they have to be talkative and they have to be called on the circumstances, but first you have to imagine that they live in order to be able to _1:27:32_ them out.

1:27:35 S1

And this is true oftentimes being a political leader, but actually _1:27:39_ violence. Let's talk about the leader that was recently hung because he had been so destructive with so many of the members of his own community. How about those that kill anybody that is against them in their regime. Now, it is those individuals that have _1:27:55_ underneath the authoritarian dogmatism of the regime that finally were saying we don't even know _1:28:00_ let's not. Let's organize, let's coalesce our energies together. Let's _1:28:05_ out. They don't need to be doing this, and in fact they don't need to be doing it and _1:28:11_ that's the way that community is because they want to exercise the power and exist forever. They want immorality of their way and their lifestyle and then seem a power dominate and because they had a more strong imagination about their ability to dominate and be powerful and they were willing to go at whatever link _1:28:31_ including murder, mass murder and they were able to arise through that process but it is the people that participated in the mass murdered that also allowed the king to arise in that situation if they no longer participate in being able to be mass murdered and that key has not been able to harness the power. Now, you may think that is the very interesting point of view but if you move that part of your perspective of being a victim to these circumstances the moment that _1:28:56_ of a arising above and then looking down upon as if you're seeing a landscape of your history, of the dynamics of circumstances and you watch it as if you're watching a television show. You could tell at yourself what different players can do in any given circumstance that would cause _1:29:14_. You would perhaps be able to see and jump the dynamics of the storyline with the vulnerability of the king life and be able to shutdown the _1:29:24_ and look at the keys _1:29:27_ impact moment and you will be able to see it because in your imagination rise above the blindness and the circumstance and being able to see it.

1:29:36 S1

And there it is again, the blindness of you circumstance because if you look so close to each of the circumstance and think it is the only reality and that your perception is the only reality of the circumstances, you will be blind and therefore have to only function on the basic of what it is you could be. If you tell yourself that your perspective is only of that three different perspectives and try to rise with all sorts of different perspectives so you will actually see so many different dimensions and begin feeling if it actually _1:30:07_ so when you ask as to predict the nature of the future and what's going to happen to your planet economically and internationally, if there will be the truth cannot predict things because that will influence it. Instead, you would ask that you influence instead of being living in the blindness of your prediction and therefore if you see yourself as an influencer of your situation internationally, you can coalesce with other co-influencers and actually create _1:30:43_. (Music)

1:31:17 S1

_1:31:20_ the question will we be loved or not be loved, or we find that too hot or we not find that too hot. Again, you neutralize it from my point of view, the experience of finding love is only a finite experience since they would like you to know that you are so much more than your finite experience of this particular lifetime and that will take you of your recognition of feeling rather desperate about it all. Yes. Is it ideal to be loved at lately _1:31:50_ using a path of empathy. Is it ideal to love that's _1:31:57_ with the people that are around you can walk on their path of empathy in their present. Now, as we go with the question of whether or not she will require love or not. Can we ask _1:32:06_ specific question. I reflect on it _1:32:09_ your current action and if you are going to reflect on it in terms of your current imagination and what you would like to be. Are you currently helping other people walk in the path of empathy when they are in your presence? By empathy you mean that you are able to be able to love them, without judgment. Yes, you might have your needs and desires _1:32:32_ ultimate in what dealing is, which is also the source of judgment part of my life, that you are not getting what you need and you want. And if you're walking into your path of empathy and you're helping others who have been walking their path of empathy, chances of you actually is that a lot of judgment and negativity is not very vague, a good thing, and therefore you're allowing _1:32:56_ stay the opportunity to be themselves and if there is lasting opportunity for them to be themselves, you will find them on collected _1:33:03_ who can walk in their path of empathy towards you.

1:33:09 S1

Because they allow you using their presence for you to be open, being you, and that will make you feel like you are being loved and accepted. They open up their path of empathy to you and you do not be judged, you feel accepted. You feel invited then to be yourself and we still invited them to embrace yourself in that trace of love _1:33:35_ what love is. But how many couples actually, let's see now, _1:33:40_ is between 50% _1:33:43_ of all the married couples individual and those of _1:33:47_ off of situation that impact children who also begin to learn what it means to not walk within their path of empathy. You cannot give you empathy towards others and they cannot feel empathy projected towards them which is an extremely crumbling situation. And now imagine yourself being able to give your partner tremendous amount of empathy, understanding pain, the discomfort in certain situations. Understanding the distress, the violence, the sadism. Understanding their abuse of _1:34:24_ on the way on which they have been abused. Feeling toward them and to the degree that in that process that gives you tremendous empathy for them. The next is something that you offer to them, with unconditional love in another language. They open about path _1:34:42_ why it become, and if they walk on that path and they are able to radiate the experience of empathy. They will appreciably thankful the lack open length in your presence and they will be receptive to your love. Now, another individual has the opportunity to walk within the path of empathy offered to them and they are accepting of it, then there is often mutual exchange as well to others.

1:35:13 S1

Sometimes, they put in on their ability to give two _1:35:17_ part of what you are understanding. But if they do not get you, that means they are not your path of empathy, meaning that they are not providing any opening path we need to be able to walk down to what they have to offer to you. And not your fear, your faith or your place. Where you are going to is _1:35:35_ you nutrition, your emotional nutrition, your mental nutrition, and _1:35:41_ your going to be able to steer open and flee and honor to yourself and if they are not that, you can give them a moment of their opportunity to be on your path in terms of being able to what you offer them, but it is not a mutual exchange that we call romance or love or being in love. If you maintain a sense of creating path of empathy for _1:36:14, you're still awful when someone offers a path of empathy for you. You feel that _1:36:21_, no judgment, peacefulness, _1:36:32_ an open _1:36:34_ of their empathy for you being you. Your expression of you and they will understand that ugly side _1:36:44_ irritating side and all that aspect of life, that they will maintain the other path and there is the portion of time that they had the energy for. Now realize because their bad experience of expending energy and coming to a lack of energy and then going back to clinic full of energy and that cycle that you have in the material realm, then that individual may not always be able to sustain that path for you and you may need it, whether or not they are able to get it to you and that was still sad.

1:37:12 S1

And that is still painful and sometimes you will find your page being angry, frustrated, feeling like you want to pound on them with an unlikely way for them to open up their path. So if you can impact with your response to them and they are not available to you, you say you know I need you. Next time _1:37:40_ and you look at them and said oh, _1:37:42_ they don't need you, which means you are not available to give to _1:37:46_. There is extended ability of your own past toward them, they are not available, its bad for you, painful for you, and now another path must be created, or you will do for the moment, but you may not be a provision of _1:38:05_ what it is you need and you _1:38:07_ provide the path of empathy for others. Oh yes, but that doesn't mean that your need stops you from shining your light for. And then in sense you are not _1:38:16_ with the path of life like empathy is, actually the path of life and pretend that you have a flashlight or pretend you have big dim and that big dim is being held by both of your hands and you came from your valley. And now you close off that light, no one can find their way to you because you don't have any light shinning from you, that means you can't find love. Now open your light and shine your light and now that there are some people that you wanted to open the light for so they can find the path towards you and you know that your life is recaptured and good, and healthy for them to do so and it seems that this a wonderful place for them to coalesce to what they do. They pass each in the light when they come. Those individuals come with their light on, that means it is going to be mutual love and empathy. Those individuals that come to you and do not have a light on, it needs they are going to come out of their need and perhaps whether it is okay for you.

1:39:11 S1

If you feel like the opportunity of both times available coming from the light and your path of empathy, the next find if you choose to give it because they may not have the light on and perhaps you have been turned the light on and now they would get back or perhaps don't turn the light on and say thank you very much, now they are able to shine your path of light to another. And you perhaps attach every few moments of your day keeping with your light and some of these and some will stay. Someone to take it as _1:39:40_ use it all up and _1:39_42_ vampire-like way. Another nutrition _1:39:47_ for what they need and build their own tricks from as they shine back to you. Yes, with the times you are - you need to take from another because you don have any light whatsoever. And so now, remember the experience of looking for people who have a light and try to respect _01:40:06_ possibly and coach them and outreach them in light to help you to _01:40:10_ but if you approach those individuals in light without respect and without dignity, without kindness, without asking in a respectful thought of manner and the other individuals both likely turn off the light to you. And do you understand that these metaphors are all energetically oriented. It could be our energy and you are as well and you'll search for romantic love, is all about being able to find the space so you can exchange energy and both of you can full admission and presence _01:40:45_ is that delicious of sexuality, is it affection, is it trust, is it honor, is it wrong, is it kindliness, of course you _01:40:59_ but it is nonetheless is right. So, remember as you are in search of love, because _01:41:08_ capacity to shine the light from your belly outward and to be paying attention to those that shine the light towards you as well. Music (01:41:27)

1:41:56 S1

This is Ryan once again and I do think that by now, you understand that we very much keen in living with a new material realm. I want you to realize that you material realm is completely congruent with being virtual. Do you see angels from a _01:42:10_ do you see spirits ____. All of you are having the voices of angels and spirits and wonderful powerful forces you that wish to help you. Now, that doesn't mean you necessarily all of the messages _01:42:25_. Are there other powers that are there as well that don't really want to help you? Oh, yes, course there are because they are powers and influences thy would like to take from you _01:42:37_ purposes to be ____ because they are so empty. They look for whatever they can feel, and that the powers and influences know how to create your confidence. Think for a moment about a farm and then you kind of grow crop and thinks now about locus, you know how to consume crop. So, they are the locus today, but know how to consume energy, your energy, and they would love to stare you in a way since they would consume you. That would be comparable to what you says evil or demonic. From that point of view, you do have the power to being able to say, "No it's fine, I am not available for locus to consume me. I am not available to be eaten out." And if you feel that little nimble or you feel like there's someone trying to take you like a vampire energy, you do have the power both within your imagination and actually your physical form to remove your problems about form of evil. In fact, we would suggest to do it with alacrity, in actual guilt before removing yourself from something or someone that is violent, evil, consuming, vampire X likely. You can politely _1:43:43_ yourself and the politeness is because you are respectful, that is your life, but realize the politeness is more important to send to yourself and there are no reasons to expose yourself to someone who wants to eat you. There is no need.

1:43:58 S1

Remove yourself pretty much quick as you possibly you can. And remember that if you feel like you will have stay in the presence of that type of evil, that type of locus that wants to eat you up, it is probably because your imagination has not been exercised _01:44:14_ to find out your ultimate power. To extend that respect towards yourself, drives yourself above your second chance, you rise above and look down as you if you can never take above and look down and see the various faces that you can escape and yes at first it might appear to be parallel but you are just looking on the material level. If you rise above, as if you can never take a look, look beyond the parallel moment of escape into the passive _1:44:41_ of being able to make things quite beautiful and functional with yourself, but always look for your escape. Remember your capture or your locus that would love to eat you up. Once they create inside of you, they went to _01:44:56_ inside of you, the imagination, their imagination, they're completely dominant of you and that you cannot escape from you, like what they want you to do and so if you're up to coalesce with their imagination and believe your imagination like sitting in front of a television and seeing nothing but that one television _01:45:14_. It is a really different chapter, which you will you have to read if you have it already, then you will believe what your capture has said, you believe that you are completely dependent on your capture. But the truth is that because you are in charge of your life, you can probably make things happen and the first step is possibly your imagination to rise above your capture's world, to rise above and outside your capture's wish for what they want you to believe. To rise above what they imagine about your _1:45:44_, to rise above it and find your escape. But tell me_01:45:51_ death if you escape and _01:45:52_ death itself to you is one of the television screens where all you can see is ____.

1:46:01 S1

You can only imagine beyond what you perceive to be the end and you do not know because your material form has not moved into the beyond the end. Your material form does not have the identification with the beyond because it is misforeseen. I disagree that you are identified as your material body and your material form, you are once again staring too close at the television screen because you're so much more than your material form, but yes it is as simple as you're in, it's beauty simply with wonderful community themselves, but those communities themselves other than their energy do not travel into the beyond this life. The form that they take as well comes to an end and the energy of everyone of yourself moves beyond the end, but it doesn't have an identification of living beyond, that in material realm, because the material realm is not moved beyond and that's why you don't know whether there's life after death, but rather once you get to that point, you realize there's more life after death. Human life that you live within the confines of the material realm. Unless of course you are able to miss the realm as material realm recommends how in material you actually are in this very normal. You listen to the sound of my voice, if you listen to this _01:47:37_ you really will hear this word and the meanings of the word are way beyond the ink on the paper or the form of a letter that translated into a lame bridge that your brain absorbs, the meaning is the energy that moves to _01:47:59_.

1:47:59 S1

What if there's inside of you, you're allowing me through your imagination by listening or reading these words that would mean go on forever. And you can go on forever because of you, not the ink on the paper that _1:48:22_, not even the concept of the letter that is the part of the language, that will end when humans end. There'll be no English language when the English language dies, that the meaning of all of that information will go on and on with the carrier of that information, because the information is immortal, _1:48:55_ perspective all together. Then what you would say if you were living only within the material realm. _01:49:05_ that energy never dies, it just changes form and never stops, it just changes direction, so that there's the experience of energy being going on forever and in fact that is badly right. That is the understanding of a new -- minuscule understanding of the universe, that is exactly right. That would be _01:49:31_ truth behind it. Energy goes on forever, but energy, as it promotes and propels material realm, and supports to provide _01:49:47_ material realm, is not exactly like its a material form that it supports and that _01:49:54_. It's there to support and help, it's there to create and help move forms into escape, but it doesn't stop there. Is that nice to know? Yes, within your material realm, you can now know that spiritual is very, very real like _1:50:16_. Music (01:50:24)

1:50:52 S1

Well, this is the last chapter, and it's has been absolutely delightful being able to expect us _01:50:58_ to you. You'll realize that we'll bring into you a very different consciousness of a different experience of what's going on. We're trying to know who you are, that your dimension now that is in your TV screen, but I just wanted to _01:51:11_ I'm trying to suggest to you that in your imagination, you can move to so many different ways and experiencing the world. Trust you imagination to create, trust your imagination should be discovering, trust your imagination to explore and at the very same time, recognize that your imagination may not be what it is --how do they say -- may not be creating, it may not be discovered, it may not be explored, it may in the very moment be creating the moment of its imagination and the content of its imagination and it may not be manifesting itself in the material realm and therefore you can have an imagination moment. In having imagination moment right now, in materializing apple in front of you and then open up your eyes and there is no apple in front of you, but you can also use your imagination to materialize an apple in front of you.

1:52:14 S1

Use your imagination, think about an apple on the most basic level and then go to your grocery store and think of an apple or go to an apple tree and pluck one off branch and then you sit up using your imagination. And then absolutely is, your imagination is formed into your next step, which is likely what we're talking about previously. And yes, you can even use you imagination to buy _01:52:38_ of apple and make it ____ in front, but you don't trust you imagination enough to be able to actually make that happen too often. Some of you yes and most of you that are able to actually experience power of your spiritual energetic domain will be able to exercise and practice actually what you called manifest _01:53:05_ but that's a bit difficult, but you kind of have to trust your imagination, the powers that exist in the way that universe works its imagination. The meaning of your book, say in the beginning, there was the work, but we could translate it to the beginning there was a light, in the beginning there was energy. And the energy coalesced itself into imagination that would be word and the word in its word form, its imagination of word form moves itself into projecting itself into coalescing enough of energy to create matter. A matter is just actually the agreement of the community of energy to _01:54:02_ right now. That is a very different thought ____, but we find it is in the ____ say, "Well, thank you for reading." They ask for your question but they appreciate you in listening. They wish you the very best in your journey _01:54:24_ Ryan. Music (01:54:32)

1:55:02 Carol Francis

Well this is Dr. Carol Francis. That was amazingly intriguing to me. I have always known the thoughts and ideas of imagination really do affect the way people work in my office as a therapist, but I did not realize the extent of the power of such. I would never have imagined that that what we're talking about. So, wow, I'm impacted I'm noticing and I'm even talking in quite a word power -- word pattern Ms. Ryan is _01:55:35_ so carefully, and I hope that you've been able to listen as well. You know, I am completely skeptical when _01:55:42_ or any spiritualist or any mentalist because you'll never know where they are coming from. If you're creating your own imagination, you don't have anything to do with my world or _01:55:52_ I understand them, but that is our job as we live in this material realm. You try to _01:56:01_ ourselves into understanding what may be unavailable right next to us in the very next moment and it sounds like Ryan is saying through our imagination so we can move imagination into the next moment and it can have a tremendous impact on our lives. It might _01:56:18_ what happened, I laughed when I heard Ryan actually used that phrase, I think she's probably taking to me directly, but thank you Ryan, but _01:56:28_ is truly my ____ and we may wish for you that this will be a contribution to raising your consciousness when you agree or not to contemplate the other realities that you might not have even noticed that would actually change your life dynamically if you embrace them and move forward with them. The reason I bring Ryan to you on my radio show, which is mostly about psychological issues in people living like very, very haphazardly is for you to be able to reach beyond _1:57:04_ and their limitations to their own way of locking at the word and stay tuning yourself well. There's so much more out there than I can even understand so why not we contemplate them whether you embrace or not so I take a risk of being criticized by those that hate criticisms, even if the sin of what _1:57:29_ you said it is the way of controlling people, it's the way of manipulating, it's the way government can make people _01:57:37_, it's a foolery of life and yes I think that's a worthy criticism though _01:57:45_ just critical as virtual ____ and we find it to be evil because it's contradiction to their own point of view and other evangelical fundamental Christians are very worried about medium and channels and I think we've got to read them in any respect that I also know that there is a _01:58:04_ to actually contemplate ultimate perspective that might actually be able to shake us out of our blind dogmatic belief and this is my way of reaching to that. I'm giving you an opportunity to contemplate that in a very real way. I wish you the very best as you approach the day. We move toward the world and be able to relate the complications that you _01:58:30_ may simply not have to be our own. We wish you the very best _01:58:34_. (Music)