Designing Your Life Today

Designing Your Life Today


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Pat Council and her special guests are dedicated to helping others "do life with power" by sharing knowledge so listeners can establish a quality lifestyle by learning the virtues and components of "well-being" and "wealth-building".

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Have you turned off to life by accepting the idea that there is nothing that you can do to have the life you want? In today's episode Pat Council will talk about turning on to life so you can feel the excitement of wanting to share your gifts with the... more

Tune and get some tips on how to create your own financial security. Start taking control of your financial future todayand set the tone for your financial success. Learn to take action now and enjoy the fruits later. Repeat show with great... more

Now is the time to thrive and no matter what is going on in life, thriving is one way to propel yourself forward. Pat Council will share tips on today's episode that will help you take control of your life and start moving forward towards the winner's... more

Taking life to the next level involves knowing what's being focused on and then deciding if that focus is helping or hindering you from creating your best life. Today's episode is connected to "The Next Level, Do Life with Power... more

Clean living is the one of the main keys to having the type of mindset that will bring you a quality lifestyle. Tune in and find out how wonderful clean living can be as we focus on clean eating what it entails. You will find that is easier... more

If you want to spring into action, words can help. Tune in as Pat Council shares "power phrases" that can help you stay focus on achieving your goals and finishing the first quarter of the year strong. Repeat show with "next level"... more

Tune in and learn some of the most important reason to become physically fit. This show will inspire you to take better care of your body and to pay more attention to your health. Learn what diseases can possibly be prevented when... more

In this episode, learn to build the energy needed to increase wealth and overall daily performance. Pat Council will share 7 tips that will give insight into how to build personal power. Also, Expert Certified Financial Planner, Mario J.... more

Being passive is not a bad thing, but it can be when it stems from a passive mind. Are you thriving in your life? In this "mental toughness" episode learn what a passive mind can do to your lfe and personal success. Start taking control of... more
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