Designing Your Life Today

Designing Your Life Today


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Pat Council and her special guests are dedicated to helping others "do life with power" by sharing knowledge so listeners can establish a quality lifestyle by learning the virtues and components of "well-being" and "wealth-building".

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If you are having challenges sticking to a healthy eating regiment, today's episode will help you. Get some tips on how to control binge snacking and start getting on track with fitness goals. Pat Council has some tips to share that are sure... more

There are different types of relationships. In this episode Pat Council shares why learning to have a soul level relationship is the best way to insure personal growth and the best way to have a successfully loving connection with others. Find out... more

Mindset is universal and timeless. You can take the right mindset any where and use it to build and live a quality lifestyle forever. Learn why your mindset fuels your skillset and realize how to get the job promotion, increase your business... more

We all have a magnetic personality waitng to jump out and start attracting the people we want and need into our lives. In this episode, Pat Council will share tips on how to be more magnetic. Bring out the best in you by being the person... more

Good health is maintained with planning and doing what it takes, but things aren't always that easy. In this episode, Donna James will share about her health and what she is doing to take control of challenges. She will share some great... more

We hear never quit, but many are quitting now-a-days. The question is are they quitting too soon? In this episode find out on of the most important reasons that people give up on their dreams. Find out if it is time to give up on your goals and... more

Nothing can stop wealth more than a fear of criticism. In today's episode, Pat Council will share information that will help you overcome any fear of criticism that you may have. Learn to ignore being trashed to doing confident things that will... more

If you want to be wealthy you must purpose your mind and other areas of your life so that wealth will come your way. Learn what to do to be more on point for attracting wealth into your life. Great repeat episode. Pat Council shares great... more

In today's episode find out who and what is really responsible for whether you succeed or fail when it comes to your goals. Pat will share some great insights on getting to where you want to be and how to get there. Register to win a new... more
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