Designing Your Life Today

Designing Your Life Today

Designing Your Life Today

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Confidence, financial freedom, better health, mental toughness and success can be yours. Pat Council and special guests will help you design a lifestyle that works for you.

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Power achievers have the ability to get results. Learn about some of the characteristics of a power achiever and start getting results and achieving the wealth you want in life. These concepts will help you soar to new heights during... more

Kindness is about more than saying "thank you" or "I'm sorry" . Listen in an learn about the powerful qualities that come with kindness. Get a thorough understanding of what kindness is all about . You will find it easier to be kind in... more

Life is all about a double reward system. We reap what we sow in life. Learn how to make life work for you by looking at more than one point of view. If you are having challenges learn how to tame them or get rid of them and move forward... more

Tune in on "tone it up tuesday" and find out if you are doing whats best for your body. Learn what nutritional habits may be worth eliminating, changing, or modifying. Start taking better care of yourself, today. Repeat show with great... more

If anyone is going to succeed on their desired level, than honesty is require. Success is about more than money and things. It is about growth in addition to money and things. In this episode learn to pay more attention to the type of... more

It is possible to get what you want, but the right method must be followed. Find out what that method is and start getting the life you were meant to have. Pat Council will share 6 powerful strategies that will help you achieve your goals this... more

In this episode, learn why it is important to understand why the words we speak are powerful and why it is necessary to speak with thought and to speak with a life's design in mind. Find out how to use your words to attract the best life that... more

Sometimes exercising can be a chore, Pat Council will share what can be done to make exercising easier and more fun. Many times we give up on exercising because it is not fun and it feels hard to do. Now, do what it takes to remove all... more

If you do not have what you want, it is because you may not have chosen to focus on the best life can bring. Find out what it means to choose and what it can do for your life and how to know what to choose. Start claiming your best life, now.... more
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