Designing Your Life Today

Designing Your Life Today


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Pat Council and her special guests are dedicated to helping others "do life with power" by sharing knowledge so listeners can establish a quality lifestyle by learning the virtues and components of "well-being" and "wealth-building".

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In today's episode, Pat Council will share four powerful techniques for stacking your chances of creating a successful life. You can take responsibility for your life and create the outcome you desire. Find out if you are truly being the author of... more

In this episode, Pat Council will share 5 ideas for creating a blueprint that will insure your success. On this thriving Thursday, learn to take control of your success by creating a clear vision for your life. Success happens more easily... more

Today's episode will inspire you to win with more ease. Learn about the power of music. Pat Council will share ideas for controlling your thoughts and success actions with music. Music can change your life for better or worse. Sounds... more

Continue creating space to win by paying attention to your sense of smell. Pat Council will share the types of scents that will help you relax or energize you. Also, find out ways to increase your productivity. Shower yourself with success... more

In this episode, Pat Council will share ideas on how to create an atmosphere that is conducive to achieving goals and improving personal happiness. All week long find out ways to increase your ability to win. Take control of your success... more

In today's episode, Pat Council will share wealth habits that will bring you the quality life you deserve. Learning about these habits and developing them will help you build from where you are to a more financially lucrutive life. Also,... more

The quality of your life is determined by how you communicate with yourself and others. In today's episode, get some insight into why affirmations are so important and find out how you are affirming your lifestyle on a daily basis whether you... more

Tune in and find out what type of routine will help you thrive in business and in your life for that matter. This show is geared toward entrepreneurs, but it has something for everyone. Learn to stay the course and reach your goals. Learn... more

In this episode, Pat Council will share 6 ways to eat that will help you sleep better plus get some ideas on how to fall asleep faster and naturally. If you have a difficult time winding down at the end of the day and getting the sleep you need,... more
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