Designing Your Life Today

Designing Your Life Today


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Confidence, financial freedom, better health, mental toughness and success can be yours. Pat Council and special guests will help you design a lifestyle that works for you.

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In this episode learn how getting rid of excuses can help you define and refine yourself from a position of power. Start establishing a value system that will move you forward without excuses. Today, learn to move forward with courage as Pat Council's special guest, Printella Bankhead shares how to move forward to achieving success no matter what your situation maybe. Receive a copy of Pat's new book: The P.O.W.E.R.: Using What You Have to Achieve Success. Click for details.

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Really define your life by paying some attention to your self-worth. If you are not getting what you want, consider that your self-esteem may need a little boosting. Pat Council shares how to recognize if your self-esteem needs some attention... more

Find a new system that can help you shed those unwanted pounds. Join Pat Council and her special guest Donna James who will share how she is dropping inches and pounds and getting healthier. Start doing what it takes to get rid of... more

In this episode, we continue learning how to use the power of our minds to create our success. Pat Council will discuss what thinking deliberately means and how to be sure you a using this valuable mental tool to frame your life.... more

In this episode, Pat Council will share why discipline is so important to your life if you want to prosper. If you want a better life, which includes more money, better relationships, and positive growth, learn more about discipline. Also, Mario... more

We all have a special purpose for being on this earth. Learn to start realizing your destiny, now. Pat Council shares 7 ways to realize your destiny. Take control of your life and start mapping out your best future, today. Have the courage to... more

Is your ego holding you back from succeeding? Get in touch with the real you and move what's blocking your success. The ego can block your success, happiness, and the quality of your relationships. Tune in and get some... more

Clean living is the one of the main keys to having the type of mindset that will bring you a quality lifestyle. Tune in and find out how wonderful clean living can be as we focus on clean eating what it entails. You will find that is easier... more

It is very difficult to define and refine your life without understanding about your vision. In today's episode, Pat Council will share 6 reasons why you must have a vision and what it can do for your life. Learn how to effortlessly do more and... more

Enjoy this repeat of one of our "Power Forward Sunday's". Repetition is the mother of learning. Learn to create words that will bring you the life that you want. Start laying a foundation that will help you design your best life and start living... more
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