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Learn How to LEARN, then use it to do ANYTHING: prevent Depression, Alzheimer's, for instance

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Each of us has a similar structure, different as we may be, like the very atoms of which we are made. Information also has a uniform structure, but slips through people's hands like water when they don't grasp it. Think hard: have you ever in your life gotten a single lesson in how to LEARN, to begin with? No memory tricks or brain games; just how to bring everything you ever learned to bear on the matter at hand, without having to think about it. The process, in fact, now thinks FOR you, the way athletes and musicians improvise moment by moment with the skills they've acquired. Now think about THIS one: have you ever thought about using The Way athletes and musicians learn a sport or instrument to learn how to THINK? Let's take another Giant Step: are not your Emotions filtered through your mind, the same as your sensations? People don't talk about what they feel; they feel only what they are able to formulate. Worse yet: the feelings are THERE; you just don't KNOW it, the same as something happening behind you that you don't see. Do as well in school and business as you like. RELATE to everyone better (how did you think you could without relating one thing to another, to begin with?) Defeat Depression, A.D.D., hypertension, schizophrenia, even prevent Alzheimers this way. Get out of therapy; get into REALITY. Sound unbelievable? If you can't relate your situation to the world at large, you are detached from reality, and reality is detached from YOU. Tune IN & CALL In! Learn more about it at my website, www.LearenHow2LEaRN.com, and to be scheduled as a Guest, email me at Get2LEARN@optonline.com