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The Unknown Zone is the talk show about the unusual co-hosted by Judith Sellins and Dave Turco. All topics not covered by main stream media are covered.

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THE E.T. CONUNDRUM Mason Adams and Dave Turco of Sages and Seers discuss the extraterrestrial conundrum. So much information, so much disinformation, how can one tell what's true? The short answer is there is no... more

HAT MAN AND SHADOW PEOPLE You are not as mad as a hatter if you've seen Hat Man although you probably were in an altered state. Judy Sellins and Dave Turco discuss yet another bizarre entity of unknown origin that has been popping... more

LEVITATION AND THE ARK OF THE COVENANT Levitation has mystified humanity from the beginning of time and although seemingly impossible it has non the less been documented most particularly with Saints from all religions.... more

SPIRITUAL FOCUS IN A CRAZY WORLD Headlines from around the world are depressingly and distressingly familiar. They speak of social unrest, riots, beheadings, climate change and ecological disasters. Is anyone safe... more

FAKE CELL PHONE TOWERS & MORE Judy Sellins and Dave Turco of The Unknown Zone will update you on interesting developments in the unknown and paranormal fields. First the discovery that there are fake cell phone towers... more

THE ALUNA Tonight Mason Adams and Dave Turco of Sages and Seers will attempt to explain the unexplainable - The Aluna. Essentially, it is the collective multidimensional multiverse beyond the 3D physical reality we are currently in. It... more

FLYING HUMANOIDS There are other things that roam the skies of the world besides birds, insects, and man made aircraft. Throughout time and across all continents there have been reports of winged humanoid creatures that are to... more

ALL IS VIBRATION No less than Albert Einstein said that everything in life is vibration, and according to the latest theories in quantum physics, he was right! In unseen subtle realms there are energetic blueprints of everything in the physical... more

DEMYSTIFYING THE CHAKRA SYSTEM Chakras once known only in esoteric spiritual systems of India and the Near East is now a term in common parlance around the world. However understanding of the chakra system is superficial at... more

THE DARK ORIGINS OF NURSERY RHYMES Now for something completely different. Today Judy Sellins and Dave Turco will bring you the dark side of nursery rhymes. For centuries authors have been able to criticize authority under... more