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The Unknown Zone is the talk show about the unusual co-hosted by Judith Sellins and Dave Turco. All topics not covered by main stream media are covered.

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Is The Earth Collapsing? This week Judith Sellins and Dave Turco bring you evidence that something is going on with the actual structure of the Earth and it could in fact be collapsing. Literally thousands of giant sinkholes are spontaneously forming around the world and no one knows why. Where is the actual dirt/earth going when it is swallowed up by a sinkhole? Experts claim it's due to water erosion beneath the surface destabilizing the ground and collapsing in on itself, yet there is no water to be seen? There are also crevices miles long opening up all over the planet and no one knows why. Is the Earth collapsing or expanding, ripping open of imploding? We will bring you the latest information. If time permits Judy and Dave will discuss the amazing oddities of time travel and parallel dimensions including the Mandela Effect. Named for Nelson Mandela the "Effect" is that millions of humans share untrue memories of his death in the 1980's as he actually died in 2013. There are many corollaries that will blow your mind!
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Have you heard about all the strange deaths of Bank executives in the last three years? Since Jan 2015 alone there have been 37. Did you know that this is happening internationally, many are from JP Morgan, and all had life insurance... more

Join Judy Sellins and Dave Turco for another episode of The Unknown Zone. This is the blog talk radio show about all things unusual and paranormal that you won't hear in the main stream media. Judy and Dave are known for their research... more

PROMONITIONS and VISIONS In light of the New England Patriots unlikey super bowl hero Malcolm Butler's promonition come true, Judy Sellins and Dave Turco discuss other famous premonitions in sports and in daily life. Scientific studies... more

BLACK EYED BEINGS and MEN IN BLACK Judy Sellins and Dave Turco revisit the ominous Black Eyed Beings (including black eyed kids) with a possible link to Men In Black (MIB). Reports of Men in Black have been around for 50 years... more

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