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I will be sharing information about the Universe, how it effects our lives.Also reading oracle decks,tarot cards, answering questions about romance,money,careers,ect.. that listeners call in about. I'll be making some predictions about 2013-2014 in general regarding some events.

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Is the contentiousness of the political divide in the U.S. obvious? These's are great times because this is the age of Aquarius and the age of Pisces is over!! which is great because all it brought was struggle and hardship, This is a time... more

Has the technological "progress" of humanity proven disastrous in many ways? If modern external technological "progress is so advance why are more people still dying in their hospitals? Quick review with every gain in external technology is... more

Vapula: Element: Water/Planet:Venus Message take control of your life by learning from the Masters of your Profession. Valpula is a great champion of applied learning. particularly in the sciences and philosophy. He is a patron of... more

Reading from Patmon: Wisdom Meditation is your surest guide through the problems you face, pay attention to your dreams . This is from oracle deck #22 . More Up Heaval from Ram the earth and Mars element and planet earth. Bloody... more

Malphas: Element Fire, Planet Mercury: Time to Gather allies and strengthen your defence against possible assault. More planetary changes are likely and so is continued rebellion by 99 per cent. The us -versus - them, mentality has brought... more

The control of war and when there isn't. Do they control planetary food shortages and whether a country's currency is inflated or deflated? We have to see that like everything else, we exist in threeness. We have a higher self, a middle self "... more

Is The U.S. military the most powerful? Which also eats up the most largest chunk of the( Federal Budget) Continues to police the rest of the planet while pushing the needs of its own citizens into a dark hole labeled later.... more

Reading from/ Raum" Message: Bloody revolution threatens Choose the side you support with care. Raum's totem is the crow, a bird that thrives on war and carnage. This angel preside, over the destructuon of proud and empires, but not... more

All truth is parallel, so as above so below, More planetary changes are likely, and so is continued rebellion by 99% Why? are people waking up? The fight is on to redeem Planet Earth as Cultures and Civilizations here and beyound earth... more

In the age of Aquarius Justic has return and many are not ready for Justice, why is that? I will be speaking on the Hoildays {aka Helladays} and how man made Hoildays do not make a civilization. How this planet and the many civilizations... more
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