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Has the End of the World Come Upon Us? (Part 10) -- A Look at Judases...

  • Broadcast in Christianity
Daniel Whyte III

Daniel Whyte III


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We have been looking at some of the specific signs which the Bible says will become increasingly evident in the behavior and lifestyle of people during the end times. In this series, we have looked at the following, all of which are mentioned in this passage:

1. The increased selfishness of man.
2. The increased lawlessness of man.
3. The increased religiosity of man.
4. Increased blasphemy or rejection of God.
5. Increased ingratitude or unthankfulness among men.
6. An increase in unholy living.
7. A lack of natural affection among people.
8. Trucebreakers and people who do not keep their word.
9. False accusers, slanderers, and people who cause division between others

Today, we turn our attention to the word "traitors." Paul says that in the last days men will be "traitors." The Greek word here means someone who is a betrayer or treacherous. It is only used two other times in Scripture. It is used in Luke 6:16 to describe Judas Iscariot. And it is used in Acts 7:52 where Stephen charges the Jewish religious leaders with betraying the prophets and Jesus Christ.

Speaking of betraying Jesus Christ, just this week, it was reported in TIME magazine that a Nashville megachurch has pulled a Judas and betrayed Jesus Christ who suffered and died for all sin by turning its back on hundreds of years of church doctrine and declared that it would allow practicing homosexuals to not only be members of the church, but to receive communion, receive baptism, dedicate their children, marry, and serve in leadership. I don’t know anything else to call that, but a betrayal of God, Jesus Christ, the Bible, and what the church has stood for for the past two thousand years.