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Join us for 2 hours at 10 PM Eastern.

Amy Cavanaugh Joins us tonight for some discussion and later she will take some calls and provide some readings - call in and ask for the Mermaid Cards.

Amy Cavanaugh is an awakened soul, reiki practitioner and mermaid living in Jacksonville Beach, Florida.  She is the owner of Awakening Claire.  Much of her work surrounds assuring death is a dignified, peaceful and sacred experience and survivors heal and develop meaningful ongoing relations with the departed through training intended to focus and sharpen our intuition. 

For the next seven weeks, Amy will be doing a series on the seven Chakras.  Each week Amy will focus on a specific Chakra and provide practical tools for keeping Chakras in top shape, ranging from affirmations and exercises to what to wear and eat.  An understanding of the Chakra system is an essential component to meditation, developing intuitive and psychic abilities and overall good health and well being.  She is on the Spiritual Learning Connection on Blog Talk Radio, Monday nights at 8 pm and Fridays at midnight.

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