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We're back on Wednesdays just for tonight with a special midnight edition of the show!  Riv, Landin & special guest Alice Radley of & MLW Podcast fame will be there!  We're going to talk some current events - did Curtis Axel hurt our feelings for his beef with us and Konnan?  Creepy wrestling fans who stalk wrestlers exposed!  We also have current events to discuss such as those crazy Koreans, a blind one gets lost, and Kim Jong-Un upgrades his super-villain credibility! 

North Carolina church pastors endorse child abuse, and we'll get to the bottom of why!  We'll also discuss whether we care about the upcoming movie and video game releases coming out just in time for the busy season.  Will scientists be converting human fecal matter into a renewable energy source in the future?  We have all this and more not to mention you never know who might call in because the creeps definitely come out at night! ...we mean the callers, not Riv or Landin.

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