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All about Energy Fields and the Unseen World

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In this episode I will have Naomi Blanca, owner of Pangea Healing Arts on to have a deep discussion of the various energy fields in the body and how past lives and unseen elements can effect us in the physical realm. She will discuss ways we can strengthen, cleanse and balance various energy fields.  Please call in with Questions, audience participation is greatly encouraged.

More about Pangea Healing Arts:

Pangia Healing Arts brings 10+ years of study in Elemental Magick with over 4 years of training as an Initiate in the Lineage of King Solomon for the purposes of: • Healing • Sanctifying • Exorcism, houses/people • Summoning of Energies • Summoning of Beings • Uplifting of the heart against depression • Empowering people • Empowering houses • Seasonal rituals • Healing and promoting growth of plants and gardens • Removing evil • Calling upon the light • Calling upon archangels • Uniting people in a clan • Protection rituals. Services: Life Activation (22-Strand DNA Activation) Initiations ~ Empower Thyself (ask me about this!) Emotional Cord Cutting Soul Retrieval (performed in the Celtic Shamanic Tradition) Jikiden Reiki Etheric Surgery 11-Codon Reading (Life Purpose Reading) Crystal Readings, Healings, and Sanctificatoins Space clearing and sanctification for your home and place of business Cherubim's Healing (an Angelic modality) Reconnective Healing™ Personal Reconnection™