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Anarchy and Domestic Terrorism

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Jim White

Jim White


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The eco-terrorism issue and the “Occupy Wall Street” movement have different, but similar, impact on corporate America and it is incumbent upon the business sector and Law Enforcement to develop close partnerships in order to effectively combat and prevent major criminal activity.

Terrorism conducted in the name of animal liberation and preservation of natural resources targeted a small number of industries, narrowly focused on their particular passion. Meat packers, fur farmers, loggers, and research labs are some examples. In the late turn of this century, an interesting partnership developed between the extreme factions of animal liberationists, deep ecology extremists and criminal anarchists. The relationship evolved out of the anti-globalization movement and by the middle of the first decade of the 21st century, newly formed “green anarchists” had developed a significant anti-corporate, anti-government ideology that transcended unique business interests and essentially raised all corporate and government operations to the top of the target list. Recent trends in their targeting decisions and tactics are particularly troubling.

The dynamics of the anti-globalization movement begun in the 1990’s in the US are being replicated in the early stages of the “Occupy” movement. We saw very large and destructive protest activity reach a crescendo in the early 2000’s but the bar was raised concerning acceptable tactics when exercising 1st Amendment rights. We are already seeing signs of the insertion of criminal elements into the “Occupy” movement and the similarities with the anti-globalization movement are striking.

Join me and my expert guest Chuck Tilby as we discuss these issue and how they can and will affect your life and your economic future....Saturday, October 29, 2011 at 10 am PT