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Tonight on the show: The Cardinals try to find a new Pope as they lock themselves away to do whatever it is they do in there besides vote.What will this new Pope do for the Church, and can he help them get past the bad stigma... more

Tonight on the show: People are up in arms over the TSA regulation change that would allow flyers to carry small knives with them. It is about time someone spoke up about this, and not in the way you might think. While many of you fight... more

Tonight on the show: The old guard of the GOP dined with the President as Rand Paul stood for hours on end to make a point. John McCain, former Presidential nominee, did not take kindly to the actions of Rand Paul and those who helped... more

We all could use a break, right? Well, I could, and that is why we take a weekend break and listen to some of the best in Indie rock, pop, dance, R&B, and much more!

Tonight on the show: Sen. Rand Paul tries to filibuster the nomination of John Brennan to the head of the CIA. During Paul's time, he brought up many great points that I want to talk about tonight. Why has Brennan refused to answer the... more

Tonight on the show: The war drums are beating as Sec. of State Kerry warns Iran about their nuclear program. One would think this is just a bunch of anti-war nuts trying to make people feel better about the actions the United States would... more

Tonight on the show: A student is suspended for shaping a Pop-Tart into a gun, but this is not the first time "Zero-Tolerance" has been the thorn in the side of common sense in the public school system. Recently, someone singing a rap... more

Tonight on the show: We will be discussing an idea coming from the North Carolina legislature that would allow students to take courses based on the Bible, if they chose to, as an elective in the public school system. Some say this... more

Hear the best in Indie rock, rap, dance, R&B, and much more, along with other music. This is a day I take a break from all the talking and just play the music that some of you may like and some of you may hate...but we have a good... more
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