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Talk show about where the christian church is today in terms of relevancy,effectiveness, its prophetic future, the emerging apostolic prophetic reformation, the missteps of the church and its brightest moments. We will interview emerging market place ministers, traditional ministers and others in an effort to mature and entertain the church during this final dispensation. Our email is You can support this broadcast by considering items on

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Watchmen it is time to warn the people of God. There are some many end time dynamics taking place at the moment and yet, for the most part the church does not appear to be aware of the significance of the events. The Church will... more

There are thuth's in the Word of God that we can not allow to slip or be perverted by carelessness, intentionality or slothfulness. The are truth's in the word of God that must be unshakable and inmovable in the hearts of every believer lest... more

We are living in a day of spiritual, psychotic and electronic mind control and we have to ensure that we wrestle not with flesh and blood but with Principalities, Power's the Rulers of Darkness of this world and Spiritual Wickedness in high... more

There is a myth in the Church today that if your faith is strong you should not suffer persecutions, tests, trials or trouble. In other words, there is this false belief that you are somehow insulated from persecutions, trails, tests and trouble... more

Sometime we should just stop for a moment and consider what we are doing in Christiandom. We need to consider the fact that Christ won the battle for each and every soul. However, a war for those souls is still raging. Even in our own... more

We will discuss our individual responsibility for the great commission. Just because you are in a Church that does soul winning, if you don't participate, you are not performing the responsibility of every Christain and that is to share the... more

We are hearing more and more stories about women who are communicating with their deceased husband or are they? We will discuss what the Bible say about communicating with the dead and what they are actually communicating with.... more

The greatest threats to this Church age are coming from within the Church. We have allowed the world to shape our thinking about what is right rather that Christians standing up boldly to declare what the word of God says to... more

There comes a time in the life of Christians where our prayers may not be answered for some time and we may question "why is my prayers not answered?" There are a number of reasons that there may be a delay but a delay is not a... more
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