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Building Come-Unities


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Discussion of the "needs" is well-intended, but without the addition of solutions all there is will be talk of what is needed, creating neediness, thus creating beggars. Let's try to become more assertive in how we address issues, rather than continuous beating of the same rhetorical dialog that seems to keep getting chewed and spat out. Liken to when one has to orate a speech, they would first create an outline from beginning to end. This would behoove us to use this method as well in combating many of the ills that we claim to desire addressing and resolving.

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Seal - to close by any form of fastening that must be broken before access can be gained. S eed - Soul E arth - Sin A ltar - Body L ight - Mind As always, will allow this to flow without constraints of containing that which will become... more

We have not yet come to such understanding as to our purpose of existing. This shall soon come to an end, as those that have "prepared a place in their house", will be at peace with this upcoming fragment of the energy dispersement.... more

Continuing discussion on overcoming vises that overwhelm our person. Virtual Reality vs. Virtual Insanity

Continued discussion on the ability to overcome particular vises that tend to overwhelm our person.

Discussion on the ability to overcome particular vises that tend to overwhelm our person.

To avoid confining the energy, this discussion will be open while still surrounding the format of "reunions" or the "come in together" of energy beings.

Bringing Back the Come-Unity How a fresh or Nu perspective can shine light on that which is already lit. Within the shadows, lies also a light that cast such shadows. Stay woke. Respect
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Recognizing Blockage Which Prevents Cohesion

Bridging Gaps of Enter-Dementia Null Bodies
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