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Clay Douglas

Clay Douglas


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My Guest today is:J. B. Campbell http://therebel.org/jb-campbell/738268-calling-their-bluff
  Federal is another word for Treason.  Anything federal is designed to kill us.  Everything federal must be destroyed as quickly as possible.

The federal government is our main enemy.  We have other enemies, such as the police, because they have the license to kill.  But the police are being encouraged to kill us with extreme brutality and sadism by the federals, who are also supplying military-grade weapons and insanely aggressive and expensive MRAP vehicles at our expense to be used against us.

Many American police departments are trained by Shin Bet in Israel in federal programs to treat us the way Jews treat Palestinians.  Israeli military thugs also train American cops right here in America. Depopulation (extermination) is a Jewish program, first seen in Soviet Russia and its satellite countries after 1917.  A handful of Jews took control of the Russian government (with American guidance and support) and within months were torturing and murdering thousands and eventually millions of non-Jews.  Oour federal enemy is run by three private Jewish orgs:  the Federal Reserve, AIPAC and the CFR.  Kill these orgs and everyone in them and the federal government will soon collapse for lack of direction.

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