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Clay Douglas

Clay Douglas


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My Guest today is: Mark Elsis
www.loveearth.net Holocaust Revisionism
The Assassination Of John Fitzgerald Kennedy
Who Had The Means, Motive And Opportunity?

The Jews have always controlled the slave trade (including about 90% of the “Middle Passage”),
prostitution and the drug trade throughout history. By running both the worldwide banking and the drugs cartels it sure does make it convenient to launder the hundreds of billions in illegal cash through their banking system every year. Once again, not long ago, one of the world's largest banking and financial services organizations, HSBC, was caught red handed laundering billions of dollars in drug money. No one is going to jail for this. HSBC only got slightly slapped on the wrist with a 1.9 billion dollar fine (this is equal to only about four weeks of profits for them). Have you ever wondered why we invaded Afghanistan? The production of poppies under the Taliban was almost zero before we invaded - and magically within a few years Afghanistan was supplying the vast majority of the heroin for the world. By making all street drugs illegal the Jews have profited to the tune of hundreds of billions per year and they have created the largest prison industrial complex on Earth by filling our prisons to approximately 60% (1,300,000) with nonviolent drug offenders, while instilling the fear of getting caught in everyone who happens to use these "illegal drugs". All of this makes me wonder how in the world they still get away with their draconian War on Drugs.

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