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Clay Douglas

Clay Douglas


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My guest today is:Tuesday Aug. 6 Deborah Taveras

As a reporter, writer, editor and publisher for almost 50 years, I have faithfully tried to bring you the best of the history, thoughts and deductions of highly intelligent men, writers and historians without the bias and control of those that consider themselves our masters. I have brought you these Elitists own words to show you how they feel about us. This is not just about America or Americans now. This New World Order plan is spelled out in the one document your masters are afraid for you to read because it makes it evident that someone is using that plan and the need for total control over the masses.

Who wrote it makes little difference. It is who is using that plan today that is important. It appears that it is our government is putting the 200 year old plan of the Illuminati into action. Understand that the Illuminati was established at the same time as this country. 1776. Their agents have been among us since then and are among us now. They may call themselves Republicans, Democrats, Conservatives or Liberals, they will be one of those arguing to most vehemently for “Change”. If the “Change” includes hampering your Freedom and Liberty in any respect, the ones espousing their rhetoric are your enemy! This includes those who want to limit your right to bear arms or trying to inflame blacks against whites to influence the verdict or decision in a trial.