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Who Are The Moors? - Sheik Jabbar Gaines-El Presents

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TUNE INTO CIVIL ALERT Tonight as we discuss a subject that has on average 1 million global Google searches per month. Jabbar Gaines-El, Sheik of Temple #27 in Fort Wayne, Indiana will provide an academic overview that demonstrates that the Moors are an aboriginal  global people with an illustrious history that has experienced what every other civilization has experienced — a rise and a fall.

This show is a must for:

  • Students who have acknowledged that Moorish History is not addressed in the public school system and as a result wish to gain MOOR INSIGHT.
  • Anyone who believe that they are Negro/Black and just People of Color.
  • All who believe that "The Moors" is  just another cultural organization that came about in the early 1900s.
  • "Black" Christians who have elected to refrain from gaining knowledge of self due to believing that Moorish Science is an "Islamic Thing"
  • Journalists and  "Jewish" watch groups that have falsely depicted the Moors as a  group that started  in the 1990s who are a spinoff of the patriot movement.
  • All who have limited the essence of Moorish Science down to legal paperwork.
  • COINTELPRO disinformation destablizer agents and hustlers who do not have a sincere interest in "knowledge of self" and the "honoring of  their ancestors" and as a result they specifically come into the Moorish Divine and National Movement  for selfish gain and/or to distort.

Like always be sure to have your pen and your paper ready.

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