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Created in the image of God or Lucy?

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Chandra Speaks

Chandra Speaks


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Who are we?  Where did we come from?  These are some of the most important questions we could ever answer.  Secular science, religion and the Bible attempt to answer these questions, however each answer leads to radically different conclusions.

Secular science proclaims we are the offspring of the evolutionary process, a long series of random accidents starting with the universe.  We are the winner of the cosmic lottery.

The Bible, the book of Genesis, on the other hand, from the very first chapter proclaims that humanity is made in the “Image of God” after His likeness.  Further, Genesis says, “mankind” was given dominion over the earth, including life on the land, sea and air.   According to the Bible, our creation was with purpose and intention.

This debate of “who we are?” rages throughout the education, media, politics and religion.

Why is this debate so important?   Well if we are just accidents, who then determines what is right and wrong[1].  If there is no “Creator”, we are free to do what we want, because we will never answer for our life, because we are just accidents. Secular science claims “Evolution” and the fossil record prove their case.  However when we examine these claims, we find the conclusion are not based on science, but rather faith and presupposition. We will examine the fossil record of “Human evolution” shortly if the evidence is as clear as “Secular” science claims.

In Genesis chapter one, we read man was created on the sixth day, in the image of God.