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Here they come again.... Child Support sucking out the lives of parents who had children snatched from their protection.... Big ing surprise.... I HATE BROOME COUNTY, Broome County CPS, and their "Child Protection Agency." Broome... more

I'm Sooooooo tired of this shit.... I want to show you all how culpulable these governments are, and yet I'm tied by the fear of recidivisim. I refuse to be a satisic, and yet, I fear it as a tool our system uses. I know so much, and yet... more

Until I can get the pix up....

All entities tied together at this point. Listen in to find out how!

Unreal.... Villages, towns, cities, care very little about the "little person" walking the streets. Too bad these people are single parents, the handicapped, federal workers, and the working class of the Southern Tier. But, hey, they can't get the... more

Who would have thought! It happens, on occasion, and I'll be the first to put it out there verbally...... Back at ya Alyssa Marks.... ;)

Broome County Family Court finally gives a man a break.... not that he needed one from them. BUT, they screw another man from Jaclyn Wesley.... and 3 others....

Broome County Family Court -- Still bigots, still gender biased.... Men will NEVER get a fair say!!!

You read it right. Walmart must think that we are simple hicks if we don't live in the major metropolitan areas. This is evident, since they refused to bother replying to my request for a solution and/or quote for their ignorance. Binghamton,... more
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