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Listen in as cancer researchers, survivors, foundation leaders and other various advocates speak on behalf of cancer research, treatment, medicine and etc. as well as share other useful information specific to different kinds of cancer. Inspirational speakers reach out to promote cancer survival and encourage strength to both patients and their families. Whether you seek cancer information or empowerment, tune in as others share their inspirations and findings to help fight the battle against cancer.
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    D.A.S.H Confident Woman: Peaceful Parenting

    in Self Help

    My promise to you: Each show provides practical, simple, easy to use tips, tools and techniques to remove the emotional obstacles preventing your happiness and success in every day life. Feeling fulfilled can happen today, not “someday.” Whatever it is that you want, financial freedom, good health, loving relationships, all those dreams are achievable.  Begin uncovering the path to them that is hidden to you right now by tuning in now.
    Today’s Show Topic:
    Confident Woman, Peaceful Parenting
    SPECIAL GUEST: Jolette Jai!
    Your hostess Camille Scielzi, the Take Action Guru, certified life coach, best selling author and public speaker breaks down the most common barriers to success into manageable concepts with practical suggestions to get consistent results quickly and drama free.
    Are you ready to live into your Highest Potential?
    Give, share, connect, create,
    Camille Scielzi,
    Disclaimer: This show is not intended to provide, and does not constitute, medical, legal, or other professional advice. The information presented on the DASH Radio Show by the Take Action Guru is designed to open conversations and provide theories, it does not replace, legal, medical or psychiatric treatment.

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    Miracle Manifesting Mondays

    in Spirituality

    Want to evolve now?  Have a life of miracles, transformation, wonder?  This is for you!
    From the extraordinary to the seemingly ordinary, we live in a marvelous, miracle-laden universe.
    With focus on spiritual connection, MIRACLE MANIFESTING MONDAYS takes on the physical, mental, emotional, financial, energetic realms of existence also.
    Interested in women's rights and responsibilities, as well as those of men and children, the host, a Transformation Catalyst, healer, clairvoyant, artist, author of THE MOTHER'S MANUAL, A SPIRITUAL AND PRACTICAL GUIDE TO CHILD REARING AND MOTHERHOOD, and health & wealth consultant, is open to any topic that will spur any and all of us to a greater dimension of reality while here on Earth now.
    Call in and participate!
    This show is about Women and Economics.  Where are you financially?  How much is enough?  How do you enhance your financial set-point?  What are you doing to evolve yourself internally and externally?  Can someone have too much?  What do you do with what you have?  Do you maximize your talents?  How are your relationship skills?
    Tune in and participate!!Call Audrye at 1 888 757 3223 or 1 888 75 PEACE for info & consultations.
    Visit ?www.Audrye.org?, ?www.TheMothersManual.com?, ?www.MothersManual.blogspot.com?, ?www.GoddessHeartWater.com?!

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    SPECIAL GUESTS-Elizabeth Harper & Cathleen O'Connor

    in Spirituality

    Can you see or hear dead people? Are you a Ghost Whisperer? Then you don't want to miss this show!
    Join us to hear details about an exciting summit I had the privilage of being part of with Elizabeth, Cathleen and other Psychic Medium experts!
    Elizabeth Harper is an internationally acclaimed teacher, color seer, psychic artist, and healer. She has been featured in popular national magazines including Woman’s World, Redbook, and Health, is a magazine columnist and regular contributor to radio and television in the US and Australia, and is the award-winning author of Wishing: How to Fulfill Your Heart’s Desires. Originally from England, she trained as a psychic medium and healer at the College of Psychic Studies, the Spiritualists Association of Great Britain, and Arthur Findlay College.
    Cathleen O’Connor, is an Author, speaker and spiritual life and business coach with a PhD in Metaphysical Counseling. Co-host of CBS Sky Radio’s weekly program “A Moment of Change,” Cathleen has been quoted in the Huffington Post and featured as an expert on dreams and work-life balance in various media, including print and online magazines as well as weekly radio spots. With Elizabeth Harper, Cathleen is the co-founder of the online spiritual community, SpiritualLiving.com and co-creator of the World Visionary Summits. All her writing is channeled through her connection to spirit including her book on dreams and the Law of Attraction: The Everything Law of Attraction Dream Dictionary (Adams Media, 2010).

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    Nature Connection

    in Environment

     Join Nancy Reid & Lisa Smith - publishers of NatureConnectionMagazine.com, and guest cohost interior designer Corena Lea Kessel, for the Nature Connection show on Big Blend Radio.
    Featured Guests:
    - Jay Erskine Leutze - Author 'Stand Up That Mountain: The Battle to Save One Small Community in the Wilderness Along the Appalachian Trail'
    - Don Barger - National Parks Conservation Association
    - Mike Dunmyer - Executive Director of Ocean Champions
    - Adam Roberts - Executive Director of Born Free USA
    - Don Rosenberg - Author “No Green Thumb Required, Organic Family Gardening Made Easy”
    - Ann Bolinger-McQuade - Cloud Speak & Personal Oracle Guru

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    in Entertainment

    Restaurant consultant Ben Vaughn lends his expertise to restaurants across the country in desperate need of a health upgrade in the new series “Health Inspectors,” which premieres Friday, October 26, at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT. Ben uses his years of experience in the restaurant industry to assess kitchens from top to bottom, leaving no stone, or stove, unturned.   From high-end restaurants to small cafés, Ben holds the owners and staff accountable for the messes they’ve made and shows them what they need to do to pass inspection and stay in business. In the first episode, Vaughn tackles “Rats in the Cellar” at Salud in Chicago, then moves on in subsequent shows to “Slugs in the Walk-in” at Harley's in Oklahoma and “Recipe for Disaster” at O'Donnell's in Louisiana.   Vaughn is now living in Atlanta where he is the culinary director and executive chef  at both Max Lagers and the new White Oak Kitchen & Cocktails in downtown Atlanta.

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    The Raw Faith Show....

    in Spirituality

    Welcome to An Author Speaks
    We have a new show Called "Raw Faith" For those who need help in building their faith!
    Have you ever wondered how does faith works? Or maybe you are concern about do you have the faith that will help your Circumstances!  If SO, Tune in to hear one Woman's amazing faith while dealing with a Life threating Health Condition.
    This is one of our New shows, Along with Our Author Shows!   Once a Month our Guest would like to help those who struggling with many types of illness by building their faith and demonstrating the difference in having "RAW FAITH"
    If you wish to tune in Check for our Show-Times when the next show will air!  If you like this show please Like our show and post your comments.
    Elizabeth Chalker who is the Author of " Hanging on by the Scratch Marks My Nails Left Behind (Raw Faith) and Our Host Keesha will talk openly about having Raw Faith!

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    Channeled readings and messages from Sara my spirit guide.

    in Spirituality

    As a Spiritual teacher and channel; I present channeled messages from my guide Sara. 
    Sara will answer and give advice on any subject with the intent of helping you solve your problems. The focus will be on love, relationships, sexuality, money, health and spirituality. We will look at your past lives and how they apply to this life. I will also present messages from those loved ones who have passed and what they have to say about your situation. The material they present is focused on love based answers and applying the law of attraction. Every once and a while there will be a show about visitors from other planets. I will also present material to entertain and hopefully help you laugh.

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    Nurturing Relationships

    in Self Help

    Dr. Maiysha Clairborne will teach us the importance of nurturing relationships and how it affects our health.

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    20 Yrs+ of The World of Natural Health & Positive News ~ >

    in Fitness

    A Mission Divinely Guided!  Are YOU living your passion? Let us share with you the importance of following your Divine Gifts..the Reason you are here at this time in history.  The story we are about to share with you is a Perfect example of what manifests when you are following your love, your bliss, your passion & purpose.  By doing just that we are here with you today.  It is the reason our National/Int'l Healthy Referral Newspaper exists today. It is the reason you are hearing MindYourBodyandSpirit radio show today.  By Being/Feeling/Seeing/Acting our mission as already done thru these 20yrs+ ~ we are here with you today. The world is able to benefit from the Education and Information that we share with you thru the Healthy Referral Newspaper; the MindYourBodyandSpirit radio show and our annual Int'l Natural Health & Foods Expos.
    We are looking forward to sharing time with you this Jan 20th, 2012 and continuing to co-create with you the listeners and the World*
    We're pleased to have a wonderful 22 yr old Walter Kitt, who is studying opera and sings a great rendition of Andrea Bocelli in Italian and English
    Be well and Happy
    marchia and tom
    co-founders www.healthyreferral.com 216-533-2273

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    The Rubber Meets The Road

    in Lifestyle

    elections and church! should a pastor tell the church who to vote for and why?

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    EtchASketch Romney is Not for America!

    in Elections

    Both Politics and sports are exciting for many of us, but the two are as different as night and day. Politics affects all our lives. Sports affect lives of many americans but now way close to all Americans, ever. Sports is a game. Politics is life, from birth to death, politics has some form of control. In sports we choose who we want to win, based anything. Who we love or who we hate to the color of the uniforms.
    Politics is about lives. Whether you vote or not, politics is about your  life. Politicians lie. Romney on the other hand is a liar. He calls his lies etchAsketch. We pick winners in politics using the quality of life they could help ursher in for 100% of Americans.  It takes tax dollars to keep America flourishing. It takes a person who is willing to exhibit good stewardship concerning what's best for all Americans in every decision they make. Mitt Romney talks mostly about corporations and the wants of corporations. The talk should be about 100% of Americans and the needs of the 100%.
    Learn more. Mitt Romney wants to be a dictator over 100% of America for the good of 1% of American. Whose for America? President Obama is for 100% of America! ON Abortion, Budget. Business & Labor, Economy, Education, Gun Control, Health Care, Minimum wage, Immigration, Marijuana, Poverty, same Sex, Priscription Drugs, Social Security, Stem Cells, Taxes, Foreign Affairs, Prescription Drugs. VOTE OBAMA/BIDEN 4 more years

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    Women's View Radio: Work with your Doctor

    in Health

    Join the Gals as they chat with authors Ty Bollinger and Dr. Michael Farley Publish Groundbreaking Book Entitled “Work With Your Doctor To Diagnose and Cure 27 Ailments With Natural and Safe Methods”!