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Addressing the accelerated evolution of 90's music.

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The key  to the 90's music was change, the explosion of new genre's or the cementing of ones from the 80's. hip hop grew up to be rap, heavy metal gained subgenre's overnight everything from the major label acceptence of thrash and death metal to the church burnings performed by  norweigian black metal bands. And how can you even think 90's without discussing GRUNGE and the flood of alternitive one hit wonder bands. join us ingoing down nostaligia lane for the first broadcast of Broken thoughts the debut of  the variety show for those afflicted with Add. I will have on two guests on with myself, first the host of coverkiller nation on youtube which has 9,620 subscribers, it's a videocast mostly about Metal music but Mbomb does tackle just about anything. The second guest Big D is a long time reviewer of music and has his own website superfriends.com.