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    Meet The Authors - Ben Sellitto

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    Meet The Authors - Guest Author Ben Sellitto
                Trusted and Believable Leaders”
    “The Seven (7) Powerful Habits & Strategies for Building and Rebuilding Trusted Relationships”.
    We offer Christian ministries, nonprofit groups, schools, and college’s motivational talks of encouragement.
    Please contact us at 973-875-8823 You may also email me at (info@trust-builders.com) .
            We welcome all opportunities to support 
                Young Adults and Their Families.

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    #345 - Introducing the 8th Annual African American Author's & Empowerment Expo

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    Listen to the Christian Authors on Tour (CAOT) Blog Talk Radio Show TODAY Friday (9/29) at 2 p.m. (EST) to hear LIVE interviews with inspirational author Necie Black and Patricia Johnson-Harris, Founder/CEO of the African American Author's & Empowerment Expo.
    As noted on her website, Necie Black is an author, coach and consultant.  Earlier this year, Necie self-published her book, "Self-Approved: A Guide for Authentic and Purposeful Living; the book guides women to a place of healing through awareness, acceptance and self-approval.
    Patricia "Pat" Johnson-Harris is the Founder/CEO of the African American Author's & Empowerment Expo (AAAE) held annually in Baltimore, MD.  As noted on her website, Pat combined her gift of marketing and event management with her God given ability to build strong relationships as she worked diligently over the years to grow the AAAE. Pat is also the VP of Charm City Jazz, CEO of the Vendors Network and President of the Youth Writers Challenge, a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization that grooms youth writers.  
    Call 858-357-8408 to ask questions of our scheduled guests.  The co-hosts for this broadcast are Maxine Bigby Cunningham, Apostle Sonya Privitte James, Dr. Mary Washam & Lynn Pinder.  Don't worry if you can't listen LIVE! Anytime after 2:35 p.m. (EST), you can click on the link to listen to the recorded broadcast!
    Get ready for the 2017 Declaring the Glory of the Lord:  Christian Authors on Tour (CAOT)!  
    Visit www.christianauthorsontour.com for more details!

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    Best selling author Jon Land shares his newest book, Takedown

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    Book Summary:
    Jeff Buck thought he'd seen it all. Twenty years working undercover in the netherworld of drugs had left him burned out and grateful to assume the quiet job of police chief in the small town of Reminderville, Ohio. That is, until a simple domestic assault case turns out to have links to the murder of a drug runner in upstate New York and a syndicate smuggling billions of dollars in drugs across the U.S.-Canada border.
    As Buck reluctantly plunges back into his old world of death and deceit, he uncovers a complex chain linking the Hells Angels to the Russian Mafia in a plot to use Native American tribal land to smuggle their deadly wares into the United States.  Buck's efforts lead to an unprecedented slew of indictments on both sides of the border and prison terms for even the kingpins, toppling an empire once deemed invincible.
    Jon Land Book List, Bibliography and Biography His website: www.jonlandbooks.com Similar authors: Lee Child, Michael Connelly, Joseph Finder, Ridley Pearson, John Sandford Follow him on Facebook Follow him on Twitter

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    TWISTED WEBB RADIO Proudly Presents: Author Ken Mixon

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    Texas Banker/Oklahoma Hunter: A Mostly True Story~
      Who do you think of when you think of a banker? Perhaps you think of the bankers trying to foreclose on Kevin Costner's farm in "Field of Dreams?" Bankers are usually portrayed as jerks who are trying to foreclose on widows and orphans. I have been a banker for nearly forty years and I want to show you some different sides to one banker - me.
      I come from a family of story tellers, from my father's mother's family, the Gillhams. When a Gillham told a story at the campfire, you could feel the heat of the sun beating down and hear the calling of an owl just as if you were there.
      The stories in this book are half from banking and half from my hunting, my dogs, and my childhood. Some of the stories are humorous, some are serious, and some are a little of both.    As you read, you will hopefully share my puzzlement as I listen to a loan request, feel the pounding of a buck's hooves on the dirt as it gallops toward me, and hear my father's whistle. If you do, I have accomplished my goal in writing this book.

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    The Star Chamber Show #83, featuring Lynn Emery

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    Tonight at 9pm EST in the Star Chamber Show we have a great guest in author Lynn Emery!  The theme will be urban legends and the co-hosts are Alexander S. Brown and Selah Janel. Get ready for a great discussion on a fascinating topic with a wonderful author and guest! 
    About Lynn: Mix knowledge of voodoo, Louisiana politics and forensic social work, and you get a snapshot of author Lynn Emery. Lynn has written twenty-two novels so far, one of which inspired the BET made-for-television movie AFTER ALL based on her romantic suspense novel of the same name.
    Lynn’s recent titles include murder mysteries set in Vermilion Parish, Louisiana featuring a Creole psychic and a Cajun deputy. The titles in this series are: A Darker Shade of Midnight (#1), Between Dusk and Dawn (#2), and Only By Moonlight (#3).  Into The Mist (#4) continues the harrowing case files of LaShaun Rousselle and Deputy Chase Broussard. Into the Mist will be released in fall 2016.

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    The Catholic Geek: DragonCon Report

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    Declan Finn (Love at First Bite) reports on the Dragon Awards, and the latest news about Monster Hunter International, Harry Dresden spin-offs, Jim Butcher tales, and some words from the late, great Jerry Pournelle.

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    Take A Solar Moment

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    As it is a special time of the year  we all must know that in this season, there are many trials and tribulations that will try to form and block you from reviewing your Tabernacle blessings! Rather your scheduled to hit the road at a certain time, or was hoping all your plans went as  well as you thought they would, life has a twist called ROAD BLOCKS!
    Road Blocks are not designed to alter you from your goal, they are put up as ways to get you to detour off the beaten path and find another way to get to the Same location. Sometimes in life we must look at the road blocks and re-route your directions. Many times this delay is Gods way of preserving us for such a time as he needs his light to shine and not that of the GPS! The most awakening thing about these blocks that life has to offer is that they also come with warnings: Warning Road Block Ahead, follow detour, still this does not mean you can't make it, you might be late getting there, your passenger load may decrease or increase, and you may even find yourself with a flat waiting on the Tow Truck in life that I spoke about some time ago...
    Either way, Take A Solar Moment and join the Conversation as we sip the tea on Life's Road Blocks! BW may be on the road, yet, we hope to hear from her this morning to see what the traffic looks like as we are still on the journey to the Feast of Tabernacles! ATL Bound, and all the saints will be bound together as one, let us tell the story of how we over come, and we will understand this life better by and by, on the next Take A Solar Moment 

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    Author Carrie Williams talks #EyesonthePrize on #ConversationsLIVE

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    Host Cyrus Webb welcomes author Carrie Williams to #ConversationsLIVE to discuss her literary journey and the new book EYES ON THE PRIZE.

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    Get advice from your angels

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    The Bible and other books talk about the good work that angels do. Angels guide, encourage, help and offer protection. You might get clarity about an important event or experience that you've had after you hear from your angels. Our Saturday, September 9, 2017 Off The Shelf guest, Theresa Orecchia, says that you have assigned angels. Our special guest also says that although you have angel help, you might not be using it.
    Dial (347) 994-3490 on Saturday, September 9, 2017 at 11am/EST (New York City time) to find out how hear from your angels. Also, learn how much love you don't accept and return to God every single day.
    Remember that our special Off The Shelf guest September 9, 2017 at 11am/EST is Theresa Orecchia. Theresa is a member of the Treasure Coast Writers Guild of Ft. Pierce, Florida. In addition to being a writer, Theresa is a wife, mother and grandmother. She graduated from She graduated from the University of Delaware, West Virginia University, and Midwestern University Chicago College of Pharmacy. Theresa is the author of the books Receive Their Messages, Hear Their Voices and Whispering Messages. 
    Dial (347) 994-3490 on Saturday, September 9, 2017 at 11am/EST (New York City time) to catch this awesome radio show!

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    Oceans Ending--Chapter three

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    A young woman takes a walk along the beach and makes a grisly discovery. Then people in her small hometown start disappearing without a trace. She begins hearing voices and having disturbing nightmares. Her grasp on sanity slips as she finds it more and more difficult to separate reality from delusion. Then, as an ancient predator gains frightening new powers and threatens to destroy humanity, she is hit with a stunning revelation concerning her own origins. Unsure who to trust or where to turn, she must find the answer before it's too late. Her quest will take her far from home as she is betrayed by those closest to her and aided by unexpected friends. Ultimately she will face the enemy, but will she be willing to sacrifice all she holds dear in order to save the human race from extinction?

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    Teresa Hailey Presents New Release "Shining Stars"

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    Todays' broadcast will feature entrepreneur and author Teresa Haile and her New Release. Shining Stars is a collaboratik book which consist of motivational ans inspirational short stories from diverse people all over the United States. The book also is designed to allow the opportunity to become published authors and to educate others. Teresa founded and directed the organization TWIGS (Tiny Workers In God's Service). Teresa was The First Vice- president of Thomas Jefferson's High School Chapter of Distributive Education Club of America. Teresa discovered her organizational talents at an early age. At 14, she founded and directed TWIGS, Tiny Workers In God’s Service. TWIGS sponsored various fundraising activities for Scott United Methodist Church in Denver, Colorado. As a teen, Teresa was V P of Thomas Jefferson High School’s chapter of the Distributive Education Club of America. Denver Public Service Company recognized Teresa as Student of the Month. In September 1979, Teresa began laying the groundwork for a Denver youth chapter of the NAACP, and served as President of that group until 1983. Teresa was responsible for organizing Denver’s King Week activities in January 1983 and bringing in Martin Luther King III as guest speaker.Politics is a very important part of Teresa’s life. She has worked in political campaigns from the State Representative level up to the Presidential level. Gaining her most rewarding experiences while living in Atlanta, GA., Teresa traveled throughout the state working on the Rev. Jesse Jackson’s 1984 Presidential campaign. After an incident during a voter registration drive, Teresa calmly faced down five Ku Klux Klan members dressed in full KKK regalia. Our CEO and host Diane will coach us the audience for this impactful interview. For more information about us just go to www.nationalextraordinaryprofessionalwomen.com.