Sonya Sones Discusses The Hunchback of Neiman Marcus

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Join Book Club Girl as she welcomes Sonya Sones, author of The Hunchback of Neiman Marcus: A Story About Marriage, Motherhood and Mayhem--a funny, fierce, and piercingly honest coming-of-middle-age story about falling apart and putting yourself back together.

My name is Holly.
This story is about me—
a writer who's way behind
on her deadline.

But, honestly,
how can I concentrate on my work
when my fiftieth birthday's
rushing at me like a freight train,

my hormones are making me feel
like a Szechuan flambé,
and my eighty-year-old mother's
biting her nurses?

Not to mention the fact that my daughter's
just begun applying to colleges
(none of which are within
a thousand-mile radius of home),

and lately my husband's been
such an irritating, finger-pointing stinker
that I've found myself dreaming of ways
to spend his insurance money . . .

My name is Holly.
This book
tells my story—
a coming-of-middle-age story.

Sonya Sones
Hunchback of Neiman Marcus
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