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Police Brutality: Genocide, Execution, and Rage

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Welcome to our show! "In the days since Michael Brown was shot and killed by a police officer in Ferguson, Mo., one missing bit of information has dominated much of the conversation and fueled much of the frustration: The name of the officer who shot Brown is still not publicly known. Police and other law enforcement officials have repeatedly declined to identify the officer, despite having said they would do so earlier in the week."

Life After Tragedy-Let me say this...Destiny prepared you for this moment. You all are brave-standing down the barrel of guns, tear gas, smoke and arrests. The entire world is watching and following the Brown family & St. Louis, Missouri. The people in New York are so impressed with us. No one would have imagined the citizens would be in an up roar of this magnitude. People are praying for you, supporting you, and are proud of you. No one should ever make you feel like you are not worth it & you really do matter!!! What happens from here on out? How do we get rid of the mayor and the city council in Ferguson North County, St. Louis. There are enough citizens here to make that happen. We need to organize a vigilance commitee for those that will follow the police. What happened to policing our communities? Michael Brown was a courageous martyr- he sacrificed his life for his friend to spread the word of his death. History has been made & God has chosen Saint Louis as the birth place of people standing up against police brutality,oppression, genocide, execution, and rage! How many have been arrested? How many have been injured? How many more must be sacrificed?