The Question Of Evil In Ancient Egypt - Part 2

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Black Power Network

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Heru-Ka Anu, host of Chapters, Verse and Volumes: Literary Review Program will feature a discussion with author Mpay Kemboly about his latest book: The Question Of Evil In Ancient Egypt.

Kemboly says:"In this book, I invistigate relevant evidence from the Old Kingdom Pyramid Texts (c. 24th century B.C.E.) to the Graeco-Roman Period inscriptions (2nd century C.E.) in order to understand the way the ancient Egyptians dealt with the question of the origin of evil in the created world. This question can be formulated as follows: Was evil present in creation from the beginning or did it come about some time after the very first stage of the creation process? In connection with that question, one would like to know whether the world was created perfect or imperfect."

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