Tune in to learn more about black history and its critiques and discussions among scholars in the black academia. Hear personal accounts and narratives to decipher historical facts from myths. Engage in discussions and talks about black culture; involving music, literature, and tradition. And join motivational speakers as they discuss black identity and empowerment to both black men and women living in contemporary America. Learn about black history month, its importance, and it’s celebration throughout the U.S.
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    The Black History Month Edition

    in Religion

    For 28 days of the year, the US gives time for people to reflect on the accomplishments of Black Americans. While the selected month has its significance, once it's over there's another 365 days before it's even mentioned again. Join Pastor Neal as he kicks off Black History Month with facts and discussions on the diversity of the Black religious and philosophical experience.

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    The Black History of the Bible!!!

    in Spirituality

    Join us tonight as we go through the Bible observing the rich and maybe even shocking black history within it. Growing up, we were taught and shown many false images of the people of the bible. Blacks among other people of color were seemingly replaced with European celebrities (which is sadly still occurring today in Hollywood). But what does scripture actually teach?

    Taking us through these scriptures is Elijah Israel, a teacher of the Gospel and minister at the Israel Church of Jesus in Illinois. We are truly blessed to have him with us tonight - a fellow laborer in the faith of Jesus Christ. See more about his ministry at: http://www.israelthechurchofjesus.com

    Please be prepared if you can be, with pen and paper because you will want to write down scripture references in tonight's teaching. Powerful! You will never look at the bible or black people the same again. 

    Share and discuss this show with others. Enlighten others to the rich history and continue to share the gospel of Jesus Christ

    Scriptures from the show:

    Deuteronomy 28 & 30:1-4

    Joel 3:1-3,6

    Revelation 2:9 & 3:9

    Matthew 15:21-24

    Luke 21:24

    Isaiah 42:22

    GExodus 1



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    The Importance of Fathers in Black History

    in Family

    While Black History Month is in full swing and every organization from churches to daycares are having programs highlighting grea African American figures, let's go behind the scenes and talk about the father who either raised a great public figure or became one while still being a great father. Why is a father important to black history and what role does he play in everyday life? Enjoy these past broadcasts, "God, The Man, The Family" featuring Apostle C. Abrahamyah Ben Yisrael and "Cleveland Inspirations feat. Darnell Carter", and see if you can answer that question.

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    NMEMINDZ: Black History 101

    in Education

    Please join Professor Griff & ZaZa Ali this Tuesday, as we discuss the multi-layered, never ending topic that is Black History. We'll be building on Ancient Civilizations, Modern History, & a few not so fun facts about what our people have endured; by our own hands as well as others. Call in # 347-633-9644. 8pm EST / 5pm PST. "Of all our studies, history is most qualified to reward our research" - Elijah Muhammad. Peace. 

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    Missouri's Black History

    in Travel

    February marks Black History Month, and in celebration, World Footprints returns to Missouri; a state that has made a unique contribution to America’s history. Ian and Tonya will speak to father Moses Berry, founder of the Ozarks African American Heritage Museum in Ash Grove. Then, Angela da Silva of Lindenwood University will join them to talk about a few Missourians who rose from slavery to national prominence. Finally, we journey to Independence, Missouri to explore some of the history and places where African American contributions have not been forgotten.

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    Columbia (South America, That Is): Rich in Black History

    in Entertainment

    Is Bogotá the new Harlem? Could be, if you ask Bonnie DeShong and Ja'Vonne Harley. “Each week we’re going to highlight a destination that’s rich in black history and we recently discovered that Columbia is one of those destinations,” say The Traveling Eye hosts. “Columbia has the Amazon, so there’s dense jungle, but there are also the coast lines, both the Pacific Ocean and the Carribbean Sea. They have great beaches and food and cultural diversity, including Africans who came over through slavery,” adds Bonnie. “Now, African history there certainly wasn’t the first thing that came to mind, but in 1992 there was an estimate that Afro-Columbians comprise up to 21 percent of the entire population in Columbia.”

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    What is Black History?

    in History

    Developed in 1970 at Kent State University, President Gerald Ford officially made February Black History Month, also known as American American History Month, later in 1976. Unofficially, there was only a week given to Black History.

    From Fredrick Douglass, Booker T. Washington, to Martin Luther King Jr., there are many Black figures who overcame adversity to give every individual in this country the rights they have today. Their messages still resonates today and inspires future generations.

    Join us as we discuss Black History in a way that only we can bring it! Get ready to educate yourself and open up your brain to a whole new level.

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    Black History Month: The Mockery

    in Entertainment

    The Host's of EarthGrind Radio Write2Manifest and SageGram, will be discussing Black History Month and how it is being used to make a mokery of black folks.

    We are also posing the question to the Black/African community, what are we celebrating and how are we honoring the legacy of our ancestors whom are pioneers of change and fought for the liberation of Black/African people. 

    We say Mockery because we as black people have accepted our position in society as if we have really evolved.

    Many believe we are free.

    Organizations Like Google feel comfortable appropriating our warrior women on their site. Showing an image the tells a story but not the true story.

    The legacy of Black/African ancestors should be honored and celebrated everyday. Not within the confines of the shortest month of the year; but through psychological revolution, spiritual revolution,educational revolution and so on and so forth.

    We have work to do, much has been sacrificed so we can rise to the moment, where we are liberated from white supremacy and the agenda that is in the process of insuring our annihilation.

    **Check out the Cointelpro video by clicking on the link below:


    **Read the article about Black women and lynchings in the US here:



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    The DG Show - Black History Month

    in Lifestyle

    Black History Month has come and gone. Have we learned anything new? Have we made plans for our future? Join us as we get into some little known facts as well as how we can start to move as one.

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    Black History & Gullah/Geechee Identity

    in Culture

    Queen Quet, Chieftess of the Gullah/Geechee Nation (www.QueenQuet.com) is the hostess of "Gullah/Geechee Rididm Radio" on behalf of the Gullah/Geechee Sea Island Coalition (www.gullahgeechee.net).   On this Black History Month 2014 episode, Queen Quet will discuss Black History in America and the Gullah/Geechee identity.  Tune een fa yeddi we sho-Gullah/Geechee Riddim Radio!


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    The New Black History (RoY&Shani)

    in Culture

    Black History month is supposed to be a time when Blacks in America honor their roots. But we often ignore our cultural greats like Nat Turner, in favor of todays latest celebrities like Kanye...the more we pay attention to NOW the less we remember YESTERDAY. In short, todays celebrities may become tomorrows New Black History.

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    Black History

    in Religion

    Black History History:   There are many things that cause each day to be history.Past, present, and future all will become history. Mainly the past.                                                                                              














































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