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Thank you again for praying and supporting me until it got here. I can't believe it took so long. But now, I have a picture of her in my hand that was taken less than a month ago! I love that! It's like she is more real to me. The photos of her that were a year old, just never seemed to comfort me like a recent one can.

OK, so our agency must have told the AP's all to send exactly 12 pictures and a four page letter as the update. I think that is strange, and funny, but I'll talk about htat issue later. The reason I know is because I lived with 31 other birthmoms before the birth and we still keep in touch, some of us. We ALL get 12 pics and a four page letter! haha.  But actually, some AP's want and ask to send more to a fe of the birhtmoms. It's just funny how the birthmoms that are given the option of receiving more info are usually the ones that decided it is best to not know very much. And then over here on my end (the birthmoms that would take whatever scraps they throw out of their life) We are the ones that end up with the "uptght" parents.

So I got a dvd too, but it wasn't the one they said they would send me of her last year, it was her bday this year the put on video. I am grateful, but I have to say I REALLY wanted to see more of her and in a different setting than staged looking almost. I want to see her when she wakes up ion the morning, or when she does all the funny things they say she does in the letter.