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Dr. Durham talks about how important it is to keep moving forward in life. There is nothing you can do to change your past hurts. We must learn to trust in the power of God to forgive those who have done us wrong in the past. Holding on to a... more

Dr. Durham talks about how important it is to be Thankful. Ingratitude is nothing but a form of spiritual amnesia. It stands for a voluntary or involuntary blotting out of the memory of the past. The mind is no longer sensitive to past benefits... more

Evang. McKelvey talks about it is important to do what God says. It is not going to always make sense to you but it will bring glory to God. Our greatest blessing is not in what we think but it is in what God says to do. Being obedience is a... more

Dr. Durham talks about God models endurance through his love and faithfulness. God never gives up on us. His love for us is persistent and tenacious. God models endurance through his righteousness. Never does he sin. God models... more

Dr. Durham talks about how important is is to not give up when you are going through hard times. If you learn how to hold on in hard times you are developing a pattern which leads to success in life. It is important to develop a lifestyle that... more

Everybody needs to be accountable for your own actions. Obedience is better than sacrfices. Don't worry about what people think be more concerned about pleasing God. more

Dr. Durham talks about how to see growth in Christ. Dr. Bonar once said that he could tell when a Christian was growing. In proportion to his growth in grace he would elevate his Maker , talk less of what he himsel was doing, and become... more