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Angela R Loeb

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Hosted by Angela Loëb: Informational and inspirational ideas on how to unleash your potential, get what you want in life, and shine like you're meant to!

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Just because you pick a "conventional career," it doesn't mean that you're not a creative person. We are all creative. We can't help it. In this episode, Angela talks about how we're all engaging in creative acts all the time. She makes her case... more

We are taught that when you have wish, you can turn it into a goal by making a plan, and then you do what it takes to make it happen. Persevere. Don't give up. But we also know that it's not just us being active that makes it happen.... more

Actually, the whole title for the program is Networking for Introverts …and for extroverts and ambiverts too! In this episode, Angela will talk about the differences between introverts and extroverts, as well as what we all have in common. She'll... more

People who push their boundaries share this in common: they all use three particular principles for success. And the good news is that these principles are equally available to everyone to use at any time and under any conditions. In... more

Competing for resources with a "you win/I lose" outcome is a familiar human mindset. But in truth, access to abundance is your birthright and playing the zero-sum game is a choice. In this episode, Angela gets geeky about science to... more

According to Tom Peters, "In the new world of work, cultivating your individual brand, your 'saleable distinction,' is not optional." He's absolutely right. In this episode, Angela provides additional insight to what Peters is talking about, and... more

Ask people what they'd REALLY like to be doing and too often you'll hear "no can do" reasons for why they're not doing it. But there are some who inspire us by their great contributions to our society and who wouldn't let "no can do" reasons... more

The Saboteur is one of the four main archetypes that Carolyn Myss presents in her book, Sacred Contracts. In Jungian psychology, archetypes are inborn tendencies or universal patterns that are contained in our psyche. Myss says... more

Maybe you have a dream that keeps nagging at you in the back of your mind, but you brush it away. It keeps tugging at your heart, but you push it down again and again. What are you afraid of? In this episode, Angela talks about fear... more

We may not be able to control the circumstances that occur around us day to day, but we can definitely control our response to and our attitude about them. In this episode, Angela shares some simple exercises to tap into your awareness and... more