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Boiling Point America-A Nation on the Abyss

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We are in a very dangerous time period at this point in our history. Americans are so ready to argue and fight and curse and scream, tear each other up and set each other on fire right now that it seems like we are right on the edge of a critical point of massive implosion. Race and politics and morality are all in a whirlwind of ignorance and malevolence.

There is usually no middle ground and the two sides have become so polarized now that no one is going to walk out and meet in the middle anyway. And even if they were, where has the "middle" migrated to? It seems like it has moved so far to the left of our spectrum politically, economically, morally and culturally, that if the distance between the two sides were compared to a highway, the middle would now be on the opposing lanes far edge of the shoulder.

How and why has this happened? I believe the answer has a great deal to do with the media's poisoning of, and the overrunning of our nation with misinformation and down right lies. The information overload of today's society that allows this and the ignorance on the part of the very same media, and of Americans in general. The media has very few, if any, scruples left and a great deal of the folks listening to them are ignorant and lazy and apparently perfectly willing to be bottle fed the poisonous pablum fed to them by the media rather than seek out the real truth for them selves.

What are we going to do? It seems like we are running a race with a train trying to make it to the crossing before it runs us over. Are we going to make it? I do not know. Do you? What do you think we can do as our part on our own everyday level?