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Too many laws, too many rules and regulations

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History is important to learn

History is important to learn


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Although the supreme court voted to allow gay marriages in all 50 states - I think it sends the wrong message.  The right to marry should be up to the individuals and the state or the federal government should have no say.

We have become a nation that won't make a move unless our government says it is okay; that is wrong.  Laws are to ensure the safety of the people, not tell them how they should live.

In Texas and other states it is legal to turn right on a red light.  Now they have cameras and if you don't make a full stop or one that meets the cameras standards you receive a ticket probably in the mail.

Why can't people turn on right and make the decision when it is safe without the blessing of a camera.  I am pretty sure that the people who turn right on red make sure there is no traffic so that they don't cause an accident.

Why don't we make people pick up litter instead of issuing a fine.  I have yet to see a person fined for littering and yet we are surrounded by litter.  In school if you give a child detention make them pick up litter.  Make them pick up litter until they are sick of it, then the next time they see somone littering they will either tell that person off and make them pick up the trash or pick it up themselves.  I am sure they will think twice about littering the school grounds because they know they will be made to pick it up the next time they are in detention.

Talk to people about doing the right thing.  We don't have to be a nation ruled by laws that are cumbersome to enforce and fail miserably to get the job done.

Take back our country - the home of the free, the brave and the responsible!