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Pep talks and Reality Checks

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Question and answer style format to discuss money, sex and spirituality especially for those dealing with questions concerning sexual orientation or an LGBTq lifestyle . We explore issues related to sexuality and spirituality that will address struggles to accept yourself. LGBTq welcome. Write me at Acceptluv@gmail.com or call 510-882-0962.

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The last few weeks we have talked about complicated or difficult people. This week we are going apply the tool of objectivity. This may involve an overly invested mother-in-law, a guilting mother of your own, a person with an... more

Whether they are your lover, your family, or your friends, when complicated relationships rear their ugly head, many of us fall into an old pattern and can't find a way out. Do you "always give in?" Are you the one who always feels... more

Complicated relationships. We all have them. A mother who guilts you on a daily basis, the bad boyfriend who is more similar to your last few boyfriends than you would like to admit, and the son or daughter who is rejecting. How do you grab... more

Have you attended motivational weekends and read all there is to know about manifesting and positive thinking, only to be disappointed? I believe the whole movement that promotes achieving goals through your attitude often frustrates... more

Today's I share my own life's journey from losing a brother to the disease of bipolar to facing what might be my greatest achievement. If you wonder how you can claim to be spiritual or Christian or to trust any force greater than... more

So you full grown height wise and hopefully a comfortable size weight wise, but do you live from your core? Do you know yourself as an emotionally and spiritually integrated human being? Believe it or not, most people walk around... more

If you are struggling with your gender identity you are probably concerned that somebody is going to judge you. You may even be concerned about losing your job, your friends even your family. That is a very lonely place to be. For those... more

So many people struggle with sexuality and spirituality. What if instead of clashing they actually go hand in hand? What if your sexuality can lead to personal empowerment? The greatest love one can know is the acceptance of self and... more