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The Ascension Circle

Ascension Circle


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Welcome to the Ascension Circle. We invite our European spiritual family friends to join with us and share their own experiences through the energetic shifts and awakening processes that we are all experiencing. Moving from the fourth to fifth dimensional being, being present in your living state and in oneness with "all that is" creates challenges for all of us. Now is the time for all of us to join forces and unite in sharing this information and in enabling and empowering others to believe in their expanded consciousness and awareness. For the last three years John and Elaine had been travelling around the UK and Europe encouraging others to form soul groups in their own local communities where they can share this information of expanding into fifth density consciousness. Are you ready for 2012 or are you ready NOW? Your body of consciousness and the new energy will support who you've come to be. In the new energy you can move yourself into the present and align yourself with your own divine consciousness and higher self. You have all the guidance you need inside of you. Trust in who you are. Trust in your I AM presence. Your own sovereign being. Your field of consciousness and awareness can make you aware of all the information you need to assist you in these challenging of times. Love and Encourage yourself and others to speak the truth of who you really are and share this information with those around you. There are golden opportunities available to us now to clear cellular memory of all that no longer serves us from other lifetimes. We can remember and integrate our spiritual selves into our physical selves and bring forward aspects of our experiences and abilities from other lifetimes into the present, NOW. We can serve humanity offering kindness and compassion to others and self on our journey of Ascension together. Create a loving and safe space for those around you to walk into and share loving energy. Where there is

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The changes we are experiencing in our evolutionary process. As messengers of the light in the Ascension Process it is our role to help others awaken to their energetic potential. What is meant by 'dimensions of ascension', ascended... more
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