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Talking to God

Asakid with Auguste Crenshaw


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This is a show that reaches deeply into practical ways of using and applying the Word of God. It will help users live a more successful and peaceful Christian life.

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Who gets to decide where the line is drawn concerning spiritual issues? Are there gray areas in the bible? From MUSIC to TV to FOOD to CLOTHES, some Christians have a lot to say about what "Real Christians", should and should not... more

How much control should a pastor have in his SHEEP's lives? Do you ever make a move without the support of the UNDERSHEPHERD? Is this NORMAL?

It is easy to see when we have went off the deep end if we curse someone out. But what about those simple situation when we respond to negative circumstances incorrectly. How often do we set ourselves up for failure and miss... more

Are you called to Ministry? Do you feel like your leaders are ignoring you/hating on you? Maybe that isn't it. Maybe you are so busy waiting on man you missed God's call.

When it comes to money does the church have it right. Many Christians struggle financially; is this because they don't tithe or do we need to take a deeper look?

Does it seem like every time you turn around your situation gets worse and worse? At what point is it okay to say, "I GIVE UP"! Do you ever think to yourself this situation could be handled if God would just ...? Let's see if this is healthy... more

Is it ever okay to stop dreaming? Do you believe deep down inside everyone has passion to be greater? Especially for Christians, is mediocrity okay? Do you have a dream tucked away or hidden deep in your subconscious? Then this... more

Often times in the church we are too busy looking at whether or not a person deserves to get blessed. On the other hand, we are always blaming the ENEMY for blocking blessing. Maybe, just maybe if we fight a little harder for... more

Sometimes when we see children who go astray in the church we often believe the parents are not active enough and overly active in the church is this always true.